Dear Visiting Team,
The Lake Manassas Blue Dolphins would like to warmly welcome you to our meet. We look forward to the friendly competition and are happy to cheer for your accomplishments.
See you on Deck!

The Lake Manassas Blue Dolphins

Click here for a PDF containing all the visitor information.



Points of contact:

President: Amanda Kryway, [email protected]

Head Official: Steve Thorne

Computer Rep: Dennis Kryway, [email protected]

Volunteer Coordinator: Donna Dougherty, [email protected]

Address & Directions:

We recognize everyone has their own preference for navigation apps. Please use the provided address as your meet destination:

Lake Manassas Swim & Tennis Center

14900 Turtle Point Drive

Gainesville VA 20155

When you arrive at the Gate House, inform the attendant you are there for the Swim Meet.



Please help us stay in compliance with the Lake Manassas ROA parking rules. When parking along non-curbed areas, adhere to the guidelines below:

  • A parking attendant will be available to help direct you to parking on arrival - please follow their instructions and be considerate of Lake Manassas residents when parking near homes.
  • Please, no driving or parking on the grass! We request 4 wheels on the pavement at all times.
  • Avoid parking in areas marked with permanent or temporary "No Parking" signs.
  • Parking is on one side of Turtle Point only, the right side, as you approach the pool from the neighborhood entrance.
  • There are two disabled parking spaces available in the parking lot.
  • Please do not remove cones from the parking area - certain spots are reserved for Swim Meet logistics.
  • Swim meets are exciting, exhausting, and EARLY. Please keep an eye out for tired children crossing streets.


Special Needs:

The Lake Manassas Blue Dolphins are committed to supporting all swimmers and we strive to create an environment where everyone has a place on deck. If your swimmers or families need special accommodations, please reach out - we are happy to work with you.



Lifeguards are provided for water and pool deck safety. The lifeguards will also provide first aid at the guard station located near the restrooms in the club house breezeway.



All entries and team record files are due to our Computer Rep by 7 PM the Thursday prior to the meet. Ensure email submissions include both the entries file and records file.


Heat Sheets:

An electronic copy will be provided to your team Computer Rep. Hardcopy heat sheets will be provided for Officials and Coaches. A limited number of Heat sheets will be available for purchase at concessions.



Concessions will be available throughout the meet. We offer both breakfast and lunch selections.



We will have an announcer to inform participants and volunteers of reporting times for swimmers and volunteers as well as general announcements and results. If you would like to submit special event announcements or birthday information for announcement during the meet, please give that information to the meet announcer.


Volunteers Needed:

We typically have two volunteer shifts. The first shift runs until the end of Event 29, usually 7:00 AM to ~ 9:30 AM. The second shift runs from Event 30 to the end of the meet, ~9:30 AM until ~11:45 AM.

  • 2x Clerk of course per shift
  • 2x Scorers per shift
  • 2x Runners per shift
  • 1-2x Verifiers per shift
  • Officials (1x Referee, 1x Starter, 3-5 Stroke & Turn)
  • 9x Timers per shift
  • 1x Head Timer per shift
  • 3x Recorder volunteers per shift
  • 2x Ribbon volunteers
  • Computer Rep


Equipment to bring:

Per PWSL regulations, please be prepared to bring:

  • Your starter system as backup. Reminder to ensure it is fully charged.
  • Stop watches (for your timers).
  • Backup Computer Rep equipment – Computer and Printer


Deck Area:


There is limited deck area for “camping” and spectating. Please refer to the Deck Layout for visitor “camping” locations. Also, please refrain from blocking walkways, stairs, and access ramps.


Coaches Area:


Four (4) Chairs will be set up on deck for each Visiting Team’s Coaches. Please refer to the pool deck map for location. There is space for the visiting team to erect their own small canopy.


Pool & FYI

  • The pool is 6 lanes, 25m long.
  • The backstroke flags at each end of the pool are located at the 5-meter standard.
  • We will not use fly-over starts at this meet.
  • Please have swimmers and parents listen for the event numbers to be called so Clerk of Course runs smoothly.
  • For additional information please visit Click on “Visiting Team Info” to view additional details for Parking and Pool Deck Layout.



Dual Meet Timeline for Warm-ups and Briefings:

Meet Event Description



Lake Manassas Warmup



Visiting Team Warmup



Officials Meeting @ Clerk of Course



Clerk of Course setup



Timer/Recorder Meeting @ Clerk of Course



Runners Check-in @ Clerk of Course



National Anthem



Meet Begins



Scoring/Verifier Meeting



Ribbons Start Time



Volunteer Shift 2 begins after Event 29 completes



Freestyle relays begin 5 minutes after the last Butterfly event





Volunteer Lane Assignments:

Visiting Team

Timers - Lane 1,3,5 - 2 timers  /  Lane 2,4,6 - 1 timer

Recorders - Lane 2,4,6

Lake Manassas Blue Dolphins

Timers - Lane 2,4,6 - 2 timers  /  Lane 1,3,5 - 1 timer

Recorders - Lane 1,3,5


Visiting Team

Lanes 2,4,6

Lake Manassas Blue Dolphins

Lanes 1,3,5

Officials and Equipment

The Visiting Team is asked to provide three to five Stroke and Turn Officials, one Referee and one Starter for wet deck operations. Please bring your starting system as a back-up. Specific assignments will be made at the Officials Meeting at 6:30 AM at Clerk of Course (benches).

Meet participants are reminded that the deck officials are responsible for providing the conditions for a fair and equitable meet. The team head coaches should bring any questions concerning results, scores, disqualifications, times, records, awards or lane/heat assignments to the Head Referee. Matters will be resolved as quickly as possible with the officials concerned.


Administrative and other Volunteers

  • Clerk of Course: The main Clerk of Course is under the pavilion at the start end of the pool. The Visiting Team is asked to provide at least two volunteers throughout the meet to assist with organizing heats, identifying swimmers and moving heats to the starting blocks. Please notify Clerk of Course of any ‘no show’ swimmers or scratches at your earliest opportunity.
  • Timers/Recorders: Each team should provide 9 timers and 3 recorders per shift throughout the meet. All timers and recorders should check in with the Clerk of Course at 6:40 AM for instructions.
  • Runners: Each team will provide two runners per shift throughout the meet. All Runners should check in with the Clerk of Course at 6:45 AM for instructions.
  • Scoring Volunteers: Each team will provide two scoring volunteers per shift. These volunteers will mark deck cards to indicate official times. A minimum of one scorer per team will remain available until meet results are finalized. A scorers and verifiers meeting will take place at 7:05 AM in the scoring area for these volunteers.
  • Verifiers: Each team should provide 1-2 verifiers per shift. Verifiers will confirm that scored deck cards have been properly entered into the Meet Manager software. A scorers and verifiers meeting will take place at 7:05 AM in the scoring area for these volunteers. The verifiers will be located with the computer operations in the office.
  • Computer Operations: Computers and printers will be located inside the office and must be set up by 6:30 AM. Team relay cards will be available at this time and will be handed out to the coaches. Each team should provide one person to assist with data entry and printing throughout the meet. Teams should bring their computers and printers as backups for the meet. Computer personnel should meet in the office by the main entrance of the pool.
  • Ribbons: Each team will be responsible for providing two ribbon volunteers starting at 7:45 AM in the scoring area. Please bring containers to sort ribbons and entry cards for your team.
  • Volunteer Coordinator: The Coordinator will be available throughout the meet if you have questions or concerns.


Parking Map



Pool Deck Information & Map

  • The visiting team camp locations are marked in yellow.
  • There can be no swimming in the main pool or the children's pool during the meet.
  • Restrooms entrances are located in the clubhouse breezeway.
  • First aid is conducted by the lifeguards in the lifeguard shack located in the clubhouse breezeway.
  • Tents/camping is prohibited in areas marked (--------). These deck areas are high-traffic walkways and not for camping or spectating.
  • Please do not block stairs, ramps, or clerk of course areas.
  • Only swimmers, officials, and designated clerk of course volunteers and their support staff should be on the the upper deck Clerk of Course area.
  • Parking is available in the Swim & Tennis center lot and along the street in marked areas. Please do not remove cones from the parking area - certain spots are reserved for Swim Meet logistics.



If you need additional information, please contact our team President or begin the conversation using the Contact Us page. See you on Deck!