This is the official website of Maine Swimming, Inc. (MESI), an Eastern Zone swimming committee (LSC) of USA Swimming. USA Swimming is the National Governing Body for swimming in the United States. MESI is a non-profit amateur sports organization that involves approximately 800 athletes and 16 teams covering the geographic territory of the  state of Maine. MESI is governed by a House of Delegates that meets once a year and managed by a Board of Directors that meets every 1-2 months as necessary.

Mission Statement: Create opportunities and provide resources to promote excellence in Maine swimming.

Vision Statement: Maine Swimming: You CAN get there from here!.

Core Values: Sportsmanship, Excellence, Leadership, Fun

Maine Swimming Office: Leanne Pedro, 31 Allison Ave, Portland, ME 04103, 207-415-0809, [email protected]

Articles of Incorporation



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To clarify the issue of publishing information regarding USA Swimming members by USA Swimming and its LSCs.

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Authorization to publish the contact information provided by the member (limited to name, address, telephone number(s), email address and fax number) is deemed given by any member serving USA Swimming, an LSC or a club member as an officer, Board member, committee member or designated club contact, and any Meet Referee or Meet Director with respect to any meet announcement wherein they have agreed to be so designated.  USA Swimming membership numbers may be published when done for data transmission only. USA Swimming membership numbers may not under any circumstance be published together with the name of the member or in a series of reports that when taken together will reveal the name and membership number of the member.

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