Leanne Pedro

Coaches' Representative are being accepted - you can be self nominated or nominate someone else.  

The Coach Representative shall serve as a liaison between the coaches who are members of Maine Swimming and the Board of Directors and House of Delegates.

The Coach Representative shall be elected by the coaches of Maine Swimming during the winter championship meet, in even calendar years, to serve a two-year term.

The Coach Representative will:

1. Develop the meeting agenda and chair Coaches Committee meetings;
2. Represent the LSC coaches at Maine Swimming Board Meetings;
3. Attend the USA-S Annual Business Meeting as requested;
4. Send reports to all LSC coaches about coaches’ meetings, USA-S Annual Business Meeting, and workshops;
5. Conduct elections of the Coach-of-the-Year, Assistant Coach-of-the-Year, and Coach of the Meet;
6. Serve on any committees requiring coach representation.

Nominations can be submitted here: