Championship Thanks from Jim Willis

Leanne Pedro

To the Maine Swimming Community: 

I would like to thank you all for a great Winter Short Course Championships at Bowdoin College last weekend.  This has been a challenging year for Maine Swimming with the departure of several teams to New England.  Our season-ending Championship meet was a success for the swimmers because of the tremendous support of the volunteers.  Volunteers included a large number of officials from most teams and meet management help from all teams (timers, runners, awards, marshals & hospitality).

There are a few volunteers that I would like to mention for their help in this event:  Our Meet Referee, Amanda Gleason, who had arranged the staffing of officials for each day and was prepared to handle any meet occurrence; Jen Byer, who  was responsible for making sure all the volunteer positions were filled each session to allow the meet to run as smoothly as it did; Our meet announcer, Michael Gleason, who provided coherent yet comedic entertainment at the mic, and there are countless others who stepped forward to help and just made this meet a wonderful experience for our swimmers.   

A special thanks to our meet manager, Alan Sanders, who was able to get results out in a timely manner all 4 days.  Alan & I do have one regret, however, in that the High Point Scoring for the 13 & overs was incorrect when we announced it on Sunday evening.  As soon as we realized the problem (thanks to Brodie Peterson), Alan quickly solved the problem and updated the High Point and Team Scores.   All are up-to-date and posted on our website.  

Our next Championship meet will be the Summer Long Course Championships @ Colby College from July 11-14,  2024.

Much thanks and appreciation, 

Jim Willis
MESI General Chair