I am a new member do I need a tryout before joining? 
Yes, you must attend a tryout session in order to join the team. There will be a tryout before each session, watch the website for tryout info.
I am a returning member do I need a tryout? 
No, you will register for the same group you were in when you were on the team. 
How do I know what group to sign up for? 
You will be assigned a group at tryouts. The coach will contact the parent/swimmer when a group change is to be made. 
How will I know if my swimmer is moving groups? 
A coach will contact you and the swimmer when it's time to change groups. Transitions are often gradual and adjusted to the swimmers needs. 
What is the practice schedule? 
Please see "Session Info" tab on the home page. Schedules change session to session
Do I have to compete at meets? 
Yes, for fall and winter sessions we HIGHLY encourage all swimmers to compete at the meets as this is a competive swim team.  If you are not interested in competing we recommend swim lessons through Brighton Community Education. 
What fees are there above the registration fee? 
All members are required to register annually with USA Swimming directly. The fee covers insurance during practices and meets. Please click this link to access the USA Swimming registration page.
USA meets also have fees to participate which will be listed in the event description. 
Meet Information
All meets we are participating in are listed on our EVENTS page. We will send email alerts when they become available to sign up for with instructions on how to. To find more information about each meet (location, times and more) just click on the event name. 
We have scheduling conflicts and cannot attend all the practices, is that ok? 
Yes, we do not have a strict attendance policy. Of course we hope that you make all practices but know that is not always realistic. Planning a vacation? Please keep in mind we have championship meets mid March.
Will missed practices be prorated? 
No, we do not prorate registration fees due to missed practices or schedule conflicts, including short term illness. We can not offer make ups for missed practices nor can you attend a different group for make up purposes. 
My swimmer is injured - will you prorate the fees?
Injuries do happen and we will work with you, please email  [email protected]
Can my swimmer still swim with their High School/Middle School swim teams? 
YES! Please represent your team with pride and come back to us when season is done. Scranton Middle School swimmers will continue to train with BA and compete for the middle school team as well. 
How do I get my time from  the meets? 
All results will be posted to your team unify account as they become available. Please be patient as sometimes it takes a few days. Download the On Deck app and register it with your team unify account info. If you don't see a result from a swim, they may have been disqualified from that particular event. 
USA Swimming Registration
As of September 1st, 2022, USA Swimming requires all members to register through their own platform.  For the 1st time, you will create an account for that website once. You will need to request a new ID, which is just a formality, all information of swimmers currently registered with USA Swimming had been carried over. 
USA Swimming Rules and Regulations
USA Swimming is responsible for setting the rules and regulations governing competitve swimming. As a member club of USA Swimming, please click the following link to make yourself familiar with the resources they provide in their current rulebook: