A try-out is required to join any group. Email [email protected] to schedule a try-out.

ORANGE (ages 13 and under) Group will focus on stroke mechanics of the 4 main strokes, starts and coordinating turns. They will also be introduced to training and intervals. Swimmers are encouraged to compete at SMSL swim meets to introduce them to competitive swimming. USA meets are also offered to those with legal strokes, starts and turns. 

BLACK (ages 15 and under) Swimmers are proficient in the 4 strokes and are ready build endurance and significantly increase training. At this level competing at USA meets is expected. 

SENIOR (ages 13-18) Swimmers who are ready to train and compete at higher level meets. Swimmers are expected to be mature, dedicated and responsible. Competing at USA meets is expected. These swimmers are striving for Junior Olympic, State or Sectional cuts. 


ALL groups will be decided solely by the coaches.

Swimmers will be placed according to their training needs and goals for competition, not by age.