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Junior Goggle Option 1  2  3

Goggle Option 1

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GREEN or BLACK Male Suit Option 1  2  3  4  5  6  Brief 7  Brief 8


Directions to the pool: The Jenison Aquatics Center is located in Jenison High School, 2140 Bauer Road (Jenison, MI, 49428). Enter the large, student parking lot on the west side of the high school building. Drive along the high school building toward the football stadium. When you see a large glass entry way on your left, enter there and proceed into the pool lobby (you will see three trophy cases ahead and a stairwell to the pool balcony on your left). Follow the first hallway you come to on the right and enter the designated locker room (men's, women's, or family, for those bringing children of the opposite gender). Welcome to the pool!