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Session 1: Club Level
Session 1: Quick Start
Session 1 Travel Level
Session 1: Club Level
Session 1: Quick Start
Session 1 Travel Level
Open Gym
2nd, 3rd & 4th Grade PLAY 4v4
Session 1: 1st - 2nd Grade
Session 1: 2nd - 3rd Grade
Session 1: 3rd & 4th Grade Team (ONE Z)
Only in sand do you become the ultimate all around player. Ball control and serving tough is the name of the game and it will take your indoor game to a new level! We are excited to kick off our third season, fun in the sun with you!

Here is what to expect:
1 sand practice per week on Thursdays
1 team tank top
1+ local tournaments

Sand Dues Per Player:

$170 1 tourney & 4-5 practices
$270 2 tourneys & 6-7 practices
$370 3 tourneys & 8-10 practices
$470 4 tourneys & 11 practices

Tournament dates (you pick 1 to 4 events)
May 22nd Elkhorn 12s 14s 16s 18s
June 5 & 6 (national qualifier) Elkhorn 12s 14s 16s 18s
June 11 Elkhorn 12s 14s
June 18 Elkhorn 16s 18s
July 9th Lincoln Spikes and Elkhorn 12s 14s 16s 18s
July 17th Elkhorn 16s 18s (night games)
July 18th Elkhorn 12s (am) 14s (pm)
July 31st Elkhorn 12s 16s 18s
Aug 1st Elkhorn 14s
Cornhusker State Games has not posted sand dates.

Sand 2v2 TOURNAMENT Registration
Play real volleyball, play every position, play all the way around, play great competition!

It’s a 4v4 league for players only! Coaches optional! It is the players’ chance to take all the skills they’ve worked so hard on and just play volleyball! It’s a great league to work on that jump serve and play EVERY position! Get a 4v4 team together and sign up today!

Wednesday Divisions (grades for fall 2021)
Lime: 4th -6th grade (lite ball)
Black: 7th-9th grade (heavy ball)
Travel: 7th-9th grade on traveling teams
National: 9th-11th grade on traveling teams

All league dates are 4 weeks consecutively on Wednesdays.

Session 1 May 5th-26th
Session 2: June 2nd-23rd
Session 3: July 7th -28th

July 4v4
June 4v4
May 4v4
Summer Camp is a great way to prepare for our fall team tryouts or perfect a skill!
Club Prep 4th-7th Grade
Jump Serving Camp
Travel Prep 6th-8th Grade