Coach Rich Strittmatter

Rich started fencing with the late Maitre Louis Bankuti, head coach of Columbia University and continued as a collegiate foil and sabre fencer. He is currently certified as a foil, sabre and epee coach through the US Fencing Coaches Association as Moniteur d'armes and is committed to continued professional development. Having fenced on and off over the past many years he has returned to fencing as a fencing coach with a focus on our youth programs. He has over 20 years experience in youth development programs as a snowsports instructor/coach and school volunteer. His youth program involvement includes work with the Santa Fe Public Schools, Girl's Inc, and SOS Outreach.

Coach Bram Meehan

Bram has been a fencer for more than three decades, training and fencing in Connecticut and Northern Virginia before joining NMFF in 2005. He has returned to his position teaching beginner and intermediate adults at the NMFF.


Coach Jack Stafurik


Coach Dan Taylor