The reason for New Mexico Swimming’s existence is our athletes. Athletes are the future of our LSC. We currently have four athlete representatives that serve on our Board of Directors. These athletes lead the NMS Athletes Committee, which plans for the betterment of New Mexico Swimming. The Athletes Committee is comprised of one team rep from each club, including satellite teams. Athletes make up at least 20% of every single NMS committee, yet many athletes are unaware of the idea of athletes in governance. Keep up with us on this webpage and our Instagram (@nm.swimming)!

Do you want to be a Club Athlete Rep?
Contact your coach or a Board Athlete for more information!


Do you want to be a Board Athlete Rep?
Stay tuned for our upcoming elections this summer!

Do you want to get involved in any way you can?
Contact one of our Board Athletes!
Senior Athlete Rep:  Savannah Skow, Las Cruces Aquatic Team
Junior Athlete Rep:  Mattie Lupo, BEAST Aquatics
At-Large Athlete Rep:  Sienna Nordquist, Charger Aquatics
At-Large Athlete Rep:  Nye Hanan, Las Cruces Aquatic Team