Kristi Quill
Kristi is the founder & owner of Ignite Cheer Tumbling Center.  She was a cheerleader and competitive gymnast through most of her childhood.  She had a very successful high school cheer career making all county 3 years in a row and winning several individual competitions and awards.  She cheered on the Ronald McDonald All-Star team as well as the Eddie Meath All-Star team.  She also cheered through part of college at SUNY Brockport and has been a cheer coach in the Greece Central School District for 18 years.  She is the current JV cheer coach at Greece Arcadia High School.  Family is very important to her and she also views her cheerleaders as an extended part of her family.  She is wife to Mark who is a Batalion Chief with the Ridge Road Fire District and mom to boys Brady (15) and Brennan (9).  She also works at Greece Arcadia High School.
   Nichole O'Connor
   Nichole began cheering at 9 years old.  She cheered for the Greece Chargers where her leadership       abilities stood out and she was a captain.  She began cheering for Greece Arcadia in 7th grade and       was on the Freshman team in the Fall season and moved up to JV for Winter in 7th grade and JV for     all of the 8th grade.  She was on the Varsity team in grades 9-12 and was a captain in the 11th and       12th grades. She also made the first team All-County team and was an Eddie Meath Allstar!  She           was a tumbler for her teams and has excellent cheer and tumbling knowledge and abilities!  When         Nichole isn't at Ignite she is working hard as the Store Manager of a CVS/Pharmacy location,                 spending time with her dogs Lacy and Roxy and volunteering and fostering for a local dog rescue.
Hannah Stein
Hannah has been cheering since she was in elementary school.  She cheered for the Greece Cardinals and also did a year of all-star with the Dynamic Silver Bullets. Hannah cheered all throughout her middle and high school career at Greece Odyssey Academy.  She was an all-around cheerleader tumbling, flying and basing. She has been working at Ignite for 5 years.  Hannah now has a beautiful baby boy who takes up the majority of her time in the best ways possible!

  Morgan Snedden

 Mo rgan cheered for 14 years.  She cheered for the Greece Cardinals and then at Greece Arcadia.             Morgan made Varsity in the 8th grade where she made Captain and went on to win top 5 at the Eddie               Meath Individual Competition as well as First Team All County.  Morgan has coached Modified cheer for           Greece Arcadia and is the current Modified Coach for Spencerport.  She has worked at Ignite for 5 years         and she is currently attending SUNY Brockport for secondary education.  



  Lauren Dauphinee

 Lauren is a current Varsity cheerleader and captain at Greece Arcadia High School and began cheering       in the 8th grade.  She played soccer up until she found her love of cheer!  She has been working at Ignite     since 2018 where she started as a volunteer.  Lauren is also a member of the Greece Police Explorers         and is a member of the National Honor Society.


   Jade Stahlberg

   Jade currently has 10 years of cheer experience with the Greece Chargers and is currently a member of the       Greece Arcadia Varsity Cheer team.  She is a Junior at Greece Arcadia.  She has been coaching at Ignite for       3 years where she started as a volunteer coach.  She has earned the Silver Award in the Girl Scouts and             continues to be active with the Girl Scouts of America. 



   Lindsey Grasley

 Lindsay is a student at Greece Athena and is a member of their Varsity Cheer Team.  Lindsay has been     a cheerleader for 4 years now.  Prior to being a cheerleader she was a competitive gymnast and did           gymnastics for 10 years.  Lindsay began working at Ignite in 2019.




   Emma Fredrick

   Emma was a cheerleader for Greece Onyx and on Varsity starting in the 8th grade.  She has also               been playing travel soccer for 7 years and has played soccer for her school team as well for the last 5         years.  This year she was name to the First Team All County team for Monroe County for soccer.  Emma     began working at Ignite in 2019 after tumbling with us for many years.



   Karlee Peters

   Karlee has been a cheerleader since the 5th grade.  She was an All Star cheerleader for 3 years and then     began her cheer career at Greece Arcadia in 7th grade.  She made the Varsity team in 9th grade.  She is       now a student at SUNY Brockport studying Public Health as well as Elementary Education.  She has been     working at Ignite since 2018.