Kristi Quill is the founder & owner of Ignite Cheer Tumbling Center.  She is the current JV cheer coach at Greece Arcadia.  Here is her story!


Ignite Cheer Tumbling was born from a dream of mine that began in 2013.  I began working with my own cheerleaders in the off season of 2013 at the high school and realized not only how much I enjoyed what I was doing but how great the need was for what I was doing. When I decided to start working with my girls in the offseason I thought I might get a handful of kids that had the desire to grown their tumbling skills. When I had upwards of 20 of my cheerleaders each class I held at the high school I began to dream up a place that had more to offer; more mats, more times, more coaches.  From there I began my research and here we are today with Ignite Cheer Tumbling Center!  I look at this gym as my third baby and ironically from the time I started dreaming it up to the time we opened it was a 9-month process.  Thank you for all that helped my dream to come true.  Most importantly my husband Mark and my boys Brennan and Brady.  I have watched and supported my husband as he has chased and continues to conquer his career goals and am so thankful that he is supporting me in doing the same.  Also, thank you to my parents who raised me to believe that no dream is too big and to follow your passion and your heart!  I would also like to thank the rest of my wonderfully supportive family and friends who have all encouraged me to follow my dreams.I cannot forget to thank my cheerleaders and their families from back in 2013 who without their drive and determination this would have never been thought up.  I love you all and thank you for your past, current and continued support!