2024-2025 Parkway Swim Club Tuition Pricing


Parkway Swim Club offers the option to pay the annual tuition fee in full with a 3% discount, or by 9 installment fees. Full payment is due by Sept. 1st. If you are also swimming on a high school team, you may choose the 7 installment plan. Installment fees are due September-May with June and July included in the season at no extra cost once your balance is paid in full.

2024-2025 Tuition Pricing


Yearly Cost:

Paid in Full (3% Discount):

9 Installments:





National Prep








Age Group Select




Junior Varsity




Blue Group




White Group




Red Group





High School Pricing:

High School age Athletes that participate with their high school swim teams will receive a discount to reflect the time they are out of the water with their high school teams. The tuition can be paid in full with a 3% discount or it is broken into 7 installment fees due September-March. Installments must be paid during the high school season. 


High School Team Discount (HSTD): 


HS Team Discount

Paid in Full (3% Discount)

7 Installments:





National Prep








Junior Varsity





Parkway Swim Club tuition is paid through the Parkway-Rockwood Community Ed program. For more information on how to make a payment once you are registered please see the “Payment Policies” tab on the main menu. 

LINK TO TUITION PAYMENT:  Pkwy Swim Club- Tuition Payment

30 Day Written Withdrawal Notice required- Payments will end following this period.


Booster Family Membership Fees

Booster fees will be charged at the time of registration. This fee consists of an annual Family Membership Fee (ONE per Family) based on the highest level athlete in your family. T-Shirts are a mandatory part of the Parkway uniform. T-Shirt designs will remain the same for several years so you may not need to purchase new ones each season. You have the option to purchase individual shirts upon registration. T-Shirts will be available for purchase via a Google Form sent out in August.

Booster fees are as follows: 



Red, White, Blue and Junior Varsity


Age Group Select




National Prep




Apparel Fee ($15 per shirt)



**USA Swimming Premium Membership is required to be purchased in order to participate in the program.**  This membership is still a REQUIRED fee you will need to pay annually.