Meet Fees


Meet fees go toward supplementing coaches travel, relay entries, & officials discounts.  In addition to receiving discounts for meets worked, officials are exempt from all other volunteer hours and also from the local meet team fees below.


Team Travel Meet:

    All participating swimmers share the total cost of the team trip (no policy change)


Family Travel Meets (any meet that requires overnight hotel stay from coaching staff):

    $25 meet fee per registered swimmer 

    *does not include potential additional meet expenses like tent rentals, goody bags, t-shirts, etc.


Local Meets (c/b/bb+, Senior Open, Senior 2, local championship meets, etc):

    $10 meet fee per registered swimmer


*Any fine imposed on Diablo Aquatics for not being able to meet the minimum required number of officials for zone 2 age group meets will be passed along to the general team membership.