Diablo Aquatics

Diablo Aquatics Misconduct Reporting Policy

Diablo Aquatics is dedicated to providing a safe and positive environment for our swimmers’ physical, social, and emotional development, as well as providing an environment that is free of misconduct. In the event that any Sharks coach, athlete, parent, or volunteer observes any kind of inappropriate behavior, such as policy violations, or other kinds of misconduct or suspects physical or sexual abuse, it is the personal responsibility of that person to immediately report their observations to any trusted adult such as any Sharks Coach or Board Member.

At no time should any Diablo Aquatics coach, swimmer, or volunteers try and evaluate the credibility or validity of the misconduct allegations as a condition of reporting to the appropriate law enforcement authorities. It is the responsibility of every Club coach, swimmer, or volunteer to immediately report any suspicions or allegations of misconduct whether physical or sexual abuse as outlined in our reporting procedure that is listed below. All complaints and allegations will be addressed under the Diablo Aquatics Code of Conduct.

The Athlete Protection Policy and Misconduct Reporting Policy apply to all Diablo Aquatics coaches, swimmers, and volunteers.

All Diablo Aquatics coaches, swimmers, and volunteers will refrain from any form of misconduct, which includes but is not limited to bullying, hazing, harassment, emotional, sexual, and physical misconduct.

Examples of misconduct can include, but are not limited to:

  • Verbal behavior patterns that attack an athlete personally.
  • Excessive or repeated yelling at a specific person that does not serve a motivational purpose or provides no productive training.
  • Behavior or conduct that threatens to or physically causes harm to a swimmer.
  • Behaviors that include teasing, ridiculing, spreading rumors, making false statements, or using social media as a means to harass, frighten, or humiliate.
  • Any act or conduct that is described as physical abuse or misconduct under state and federal law.
  • It is a direct violation of the Athlete Protection Policy if a Sharks coach, swimmer, or volunteer knows about any misconduct taking place, but takes no action to intervene. Our policy is designed to reduce child sexual abuse and other types of misconduct, but it can still occur. If any Sharks coach, swimmer, or volunteer sees it or suspects it of happening they need to follow the reporting procedures below.

Response to Abuse, Misconduct, and Policy Violations

Every Diablo Aquatics coach must report:

  • Violations of the Crow Canyon Sharks Team Handbook, including the Sharks Code of Conduct for Coaches, Athletes and Parents
  • Misconduct defined in the Sharks Athlete Protection Policy, and
  • Allegations or suspicions of physical or sexual misconduct.
  • Allegations of abuse will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement authorities. Sharks does not evaluate or investigate the credibility or validity of child physical or sexual abuse allegations as a condition of reporting to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

Diablo Aquatics coaches and volunteers are required to report any suspicions or allegations of abuse by a co-worker or colleague. If the allegation received is not reportable to the appropriate law enforcement authorities, the coach or volunteer needs to report their observations to Head Coaches Chris Horner or Jason Kamp or the Safe Sport Coordinator (Susan Moser).  Diablo Aquatics also encourages any parents and swimmers to report any violations or allegations of child physical or sexual abuse to the appropriate law enforcement agency or any member of the Diablo Aquatics Coaching Staff.

Reporting Procedure

Diablo Aquatics coaches, swimmers, or volunteers can report to any administrator that they feel comfortable sharing their concerns with. Administrators would include any Diablo Aquatics Coach, the Diablo Aquatics Safe Sport Coordinator. Reports of Code of Conduct Violations will also need to be made with a staff member of the USA Swimming Safe Sport Program either by telephone, email, letter, or an online report.

USA Swimming Safe Sport Program Contact Information

  • USA Swimming at (719) 866-4578


Diablo Aquatics will take a report in a way that is comfortable for the person making the report including 

  • Allowing the person reporting to remain anonymous
  • An in-person report

The report can be communicated verbally or in written form. No matter how the report is received individuals are asked to provide at a minimum;

  1. Name of the complainant
  2. Type of misconduct
  3. Name of the person to have allegedly committed the misconduct.

Diablo Aquatics will withhold the complainant’s name upon request, but only to the extent permitted by law.