QSS Masters Swim Team

Our team is a friendly group of adults with a wide range of motivations for coming to the pool - to be social, to train for national-level competition and triathlons, to get in shape for summer vacation, to prove to themselves they can learn something new regardless of age. All swim team workouts are run by experienced coaches, who offer instruction on the latest techniques and write workouts that accommodate most levels of swim experience.

Fitness Requirement:

The minimum fitness requirement to join our adult swim team is the ability to comfortably swim 50 yards freestyle with side breathing, 25 yards of backstroke or breaststroke, and 25 yards of flutter kick on the back. If you cannot yet do this comfortably, please see the Adult Learn-to-Swim tab.

Swimmers at this level of skill are considered beginners. The mid-morning and evening workouts are the most beginner-friendly.


Monthly dues paid to QSS Masters

$80 - any adult swimmer; unlimited practice attendance

$65 - parents of kids on Quicksilver Swimming

Annual dues paid to United States Masters Swimming (USMS)

$70 - required insurance coverage, access to USMS-sanctioned events, member-only clinics/videos/articles

Tryouts and Registration
You can try up to TWO free Masters team workouts before you decide to join. Check out the practice schedule below and email our Head Coach Megan Waters in advance at [email protected]. Some of our locations have gate codes or other restrictions that she will need to let you know about.



Almaden Swim & Racquet Club (ASRC)

6:00-7:15am M/T/W/Th/F... 5 lanes

7:15-8:30am T/Th... 5 lanes

9:00-10:15am M/W/F... 5 lanes

7:30-9:00am Sat... 5 lanes 


Gunderson High School (GHS)

5:45-7:00am M/W/F... 8 lanes 

7:30-8:45pm M/T/W/Th... 10 lanes 


Pinehurst Cabana Club (PH)

12:00-1:15pm M/W/F... 6 lanes *last one on May 31st

9:30-11:00am Sat... 6 lanes *last one on May 4th



MONDAY, MAY 27 - Memorial Day - only one practice 7:00-8:30am at GHS



Almaden Swim & Racquet Club (ASRC)

6:00-7:15am Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri

7:15-8:30am Tue/Thu

9:00-10:15am Mon/Wed/Fri

7:30-9:00am Sat 


Gunderson High School (GHS)

5:45-7:00am Mon/Wed/Fri

12:00-1:15pm Mon/Wed**/Fri 

7:30-8:45pm Mon/Tue**/Wed/Thu** 

**indicates long course (50-meter)