Our season has less than a month left (sad face) and it is almost time for the Divisional and Conference meets. Our swimmers have worked all year to show off their talent.  These meets are scored by age group and by team, so I count on everyone.  As mentioned at the beginning of the year, I expect everyone to participate.  I will be entering *ALL SWIMMERS into the Divisional Meet.  

*Exception:  Per Conference rules, you are NOT eligible for the Divisional meet if you have NOT swam in at least two regular conference meets this year.  If that is the case, your season will end on January 27th .   

If, for some reason (and it should be a good one), you are not able to participate in the Divisional Meet, please EMAIL (DO NOT TELL ME ON THE POOL DECK-I WILL NOT REMEMBER) Coach Chris the reason no later than Monday, January 16th.   After this date, cancellations will not be accepted graciously.  If you have told me already, please resend in an email ([email protected]).

DIVISIONALS – January 28 & 29

Location:  LAKELAND     Saturday:  10 & Under age groups

Sunday:  11 & Up age groups

The top NINE individuals and top SIX relays in each event will qualify for the Conference Meet the following weekend.  If your swimmer qualifies, I do expect he/she will participate at Conference. If your swimmer does not move onto the Conference meet their season is complete after Divisionals.

 CONFERENCE – February 4 & 5   

 Location:  FAST (Ladysmith)     Saturday:  10 & Under age groups

Sunday:  11 & Up age groups

Conference qualifiers will continue to practice at the normal times.

Please see Coach Chris with questions.


11/4/2022  First Swim Meet!

Tomorrow is our first meet of the 2022-23 and its HOME! The first swim meet will seem a lot like chaos but once you and your swimmer get the first event under your belt it will seem a lot smoother. I just wanted to remind you of a few helpful hints.

  • Check out the "What to pack for a swim meet" on our website. This is a pretty short meet but something comfy to sit on and nutrious snacks are a must.  Oh yeah and swim suit, googles and caps are pretty important too!  :)
  • Please make sure to review the event sheets hanging in the rest area for any changes or updates.
  • If you haven't already, please watch the Dr. Goldberg video under LINKS on our website.
  • Have fun and be supportive.

Sports provides an opportunity for kids to learn that losing is a part of life AND there are various forms of winning, coming in first is not the only measure. There will be many swimmers that will get DQ'd (disqualified) in events/strokes that are new to them. The coaches and I will be explaining that this is OK and frankly, expected.  Getting disqualified is not failure but an opportunity to learn. It is ok to be disappointment but learn why it happened and commit to trying to change. 

Thank you in advance for your help at the meet. It's going to be FUN!!



9/14/2022  Welcome to the 2022-23 Swim Season!

Another year gone and thankfully things seem to be returning to a more normal routine.  

Our 8 & under swimmers practice 2 days a week which is an excellent start to a young swimmers career.  We want this group to learn how to be safe in the water by being able to swim further than 25 yards unassisted and HAVE FUN!  Expectation is that they will participate in at least the home meets (if not more) including Divisionals and Conference is they qualify!

Our 9-12 Early Group will take these swimmers a little further into the competition side of swimming.  Our goal is to have these swimmers participate in meets and learn to celebrate personal successes and deal with disappointment in a healthy manner.  Please remember that disappointment is a part of life and will be a part of swimming. Learning a healthy way to deal with disappointment is an important life skill. We help swimmers learn from their experience and work to have a better race next time.  Not "winning" the race is ALWAYS an opportunity for learning!!  Expectation is that swimmers will participate in as many meets as possible including Divisionals and Conference if they qualify.  

The Advanced Group is not based on any age but for those swimmers ready to do a bit more endurance work along with fine tuning technique.  We want these swimmers to be consistent participants in meets and learn that being part of a team has some awesome benefits.  Divisionals and Conference are required!

Our goal is to make sure that swimmers work hard in the pool, listen to their coaches and love swimming.  Parents - please check out the video from Dr. Goldberg on the links page that explains what the role of parents should be.  This applies to all sports not just swimming.  It is a really good video and great advice!!

If you haven't already please read through the Parent Info page on this website and the handbook.


Thanks Everyone!  See you at the pool!