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What does your membership fee pay for?


New equipment for pool

Training and Certification for coaches

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Officials at meets

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Ribbons and Metals


Is my child ready for Lakeland Swim Club?

Does your child love to swim? Does he/she listen to instruction? We will accept swimmers as young as 5 who can swim one 25-yard length of the pool in any fashion (front, back, dog paddle, etc) without assistance from floatation devices. Your swimmer must also be able to be comfortable without a guardian on deck and listen to instruction. We aren't looking for perfect behavior but definitely coachable. We are a competitive team so the goal will be to teach the four competitive strokes, race starts, turns, finishes. Most importantly, we want your swimmer to love the sport and learn to be a great team member.

What equipment does my swimmer need?

Goggles are key! Please find a pair that your swimmer is confortable wearing and that don't leak.  A bathtub test might be worth it.  Girls need to wear a one piece suit and a cap at practice. Boys with longer hair will also have to wear a cap. Boys should wear jammers not baggy shorts.  All swimmers are given a team cap to wear at meets. Any black suit for meets is fine.
COACHES CHOICE FOR GOOGLES: Speedo Vanquishers come in a Junior size that I like. They also have an exchangeable nose piece.  

What are practice requirements?

Pratice is not madatory but swimmers are strongly encouraged to come to all practice opportunities. Swimming is a progressive learning sport. We build on techniques learned each week. The more they come the more they learn. Please refer to the SWIMMING GROUPS page for specific practice days/times. 

How about meets?

LSC is a competitive team so we encourage participation at meets. We do expect all LSC members to swim at all home meets. In order to compete at Divisionals, swimmers must attend at least 2 Conference Meets. We expect ALL families to participate in all home meet. 

What practice will my swimmer be in?

You will sign up for the practice that your swimmers age fits into. There may be cases where the coaching staff will ask your swimmer to "move up" to the next level practice group. This will be initiated by the coaches. If you have a question prior to sign up you may contact the head coach, Chris Garcia  [email protected]   Please refer to the SWIMMING GROUPS page for specific practice days/times.

As a parent/guardian what is expected of me?

It is extremely important that all families chip in to volunteer and help with fundraising opportunities. 
Home Meets are critical and require help from all families! There is a job for everyone and it will NOT prevent you from seeing your swimmer. When it is time for your swimmer to race, you will just take a quick time-out from your job and go watch, then return when done. Because we do need everyone's help, a fee will be assessed if a representative from your family is unable to work at a home meet. Thank you for your help!     

It is crucial to have a working email and to check your emails often for swim info and updates.  Practice may be canceled due to weather or HS reasons. We will email this information but a quicker way to receive text messages for last minute schedule changes is to sign up for our Remind app.
To sign up text the message @d3kd382 to the number 81010. If you’re having trouble with 81010, try texting @d3kd382 to (469) 437-4632.

Do I have to go to the Parent Meeting?

YES!!!  This meeting is mandatory for ALL (even veteran) families. We will take attendance at the meetings. You will receive vital information regarding the season. By attending, coaches and board members are saved from repeating this important informtaion multiple times. We want informed members and this is a great start. 

Other notes from the Coaches

  1. Please make sure your swimmer is on time to practice.  Our practice times indicate what time we are in the water, not just arriving at the pool.  If you are more than 15 minutes late, please skip that practice.
  2. Please make sure to pick your swimmer up on time as well.
  3. Swimmers should bring everyday to practice:  Suit (yes, people forget), Goggles, Caps, Towel, and a water bottle clearly labeled.
  4. Please see Coach Chris with concerns before or after practice not during. Practice time is for the kids!!
  5. Lets have fun!!

What is USA Swimming?

USA Swimming is the next level of our competition and extends your season possibly to March (additional fees apply). Swimmers ready for competition at a higher level and possibly the State meets should consider joining USA swimming. Typically the coaches will suggest this to the parents but anyone may join. Please see Coach Chris if you are interested in more information. You may also check out the USA Swimming page on this website.