The Wellesley Swimming Association is a non-profit private swimming club started in 1974 to provide an organized program of competitive swim training and team competition for boys and girls, ages 6-18.  Members represent a number of area towns. The WSA is a family-oriented swim team run by a volunteer Board of Directors and its parent volunteers.  The Association, as members of the Winter Suburban Swim League, arranges for quality training facilities, coaching and swim meets from October through March.

The WSA offers each member the opportunity for personal growth and development through participation in competitive swimming.  Emphasis is placed on the need to develop each athlete's:

  • knowledge and understanding of the sport of competitive swimming

  • stroke technique and efficiency

  • training procedures and self discipline

  • individual and team sportsmanship

Membership in WSA is limited by team requirements as well as training, coaching and facility resources.  Each Fall, new team members are selected based on a number of factors including time trials in all four strokes (backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and freestyle), form, previous swim experience, and historic family commitment to WSA.  Members and their parents must be willing to assume personal responsibility for a serious program of competitive swimming, training and team competition.  Practice sessions concentrate on stroke refinement, elements of competitive swimming techniques and physical conditioning.

Members, once selected, are expected to abide by the rules of the Association, the Winter Suburban Swim League, the Association's designated coaching staff and the swimming facilities being used.  Any failure to abide by these rules will be cause for dismissal from practice sessions, meets or the Association.  Members and their parents should be aware of the following general rules:

  • all swimmers are expected to participate in training sessions and meets, and

  • parents are required to assist with activities at practices and meets such as locker room/hallway monitoring at all facilities, timing, scoring, running, etc., during competition

Additional rules governing the conduct of training sessions and meets are located within the WSA Code of Conduct and the Coaches Code of Conduct.  Swimmers and parents are required to read and sign the Code of Conduct before entering the pool for the first time.