About Us

The Red Dragon Swim Club, founded in 2008, is growing USA swim club drawing swimmers from both Minnesota and North Dakota. We offer a guided age-group youth program for children ages 6 and up as well as opportunities for college and masters swimmers.

Mission Statement

The Red Dragon Swim Club seeks to provide an a safe, supportive opportunity for all swimmers, regardless of age or ability, to reach their highest personal potential as both a person and athlete. We understand that winning is much more than one’s place in the finish of a race, and we are committed to helping children grow in character, physical development, and skill. 

Philosophy of Competition

The Red Dragon Swim Club does not see the first place person as the only winner. We'd rather look to see who behaves like a winner. Thereare certain characteristics of a winner, and every swimmer, no matter where they place, has the opportunity to emulate those characteristics: concentration, listening skills, and working toward goals.

Sports is not an end in itself, but a vehicle we use to teach children life skills and how to reach their potential. We use sport as organized play to demonstrate and measure one's abilities. Seen in that light, winning without learning is not the Red Dragon Swim Club's desired intention. In competition, the important measure is not who collected the most medals, or even who improved the most seconds. The real critical measure is who learned the most from the competitive experience.

Swimmers are encouraged to compete in all swimming events, distances, and strokes. This policy promotes versatility and encourages the swimmer to explore his potential in the wide range of events offered in competitive swimming. Oftentimes, a swimmers "best" stroke changes as they mature and his/her body goes through physical changes.

Swimmers quickly forget the medals, records, and other material benefits. They will, however, remember the development of interpersonal skills, discipline, listening skills, time management, goal setting, and enhanced self- image. These are the things that make the swimmer a more successful person with a better chance of living a life closer to their peak potential, and to contrib­ute to the world they live in.


Board of Directors


Rachel Tuel


Head Coach

Jessica Colby


Treasurer/Member at Large

Michelle Swanson


Assistant Coach

Alanah Mack


Parent Rep

Chris Hetzler