Weekly Update: 10/9/23 - 10/15/23

Jessica Colby
Hello Red Dragon Families!
Practice this Week
We have practice Monday and Wednesday this week. We do not have practice Thursday. I am still waiting on to hear about Friday practice at the Moorhead High School. Once I hear from the High School, I will let you know. Tuesday we have team event at Kingspinz! Our October downloadable calendar will be up by tonight. Please take a look at our schedule as there are a few nig changes this month for practices.
Team Event: KingsPinz
We have our team event at Kingspinz! Please have your athlete there by 6:45PM. We will be done at 8PM. Please be on time to pick up your athelte at 8PM. Below is the RSVP for the event and who all signed up. RSVP was required to attend the event.
Team Clothing Order
We will have our Team Clothing samples at the pool on Wednesday and all next week! Exciting! I will also have order forms available at the pool.
Fun Meet sign up is up and ready! Our Fun Meet is October 23rd and 24th. It will be from 6:50-8:30PM. Each day is $5. Our Fun Meet is for athletes to learn what a swim meet is and how it is run along with getting some updated times! We will have our team officials officiating the meet. This is NOT an official meet. There will be prizes and smiles! You can sign up under Meets/Events. We will also talk about the Fun Meet at the parent meeting.
FMY Meet Information and Sign Up Available 
Our FIRST meet is available! This meet is one of my favorites! It is a 2.5 day meet and this year it will be at the Hulbert Aquatic Center! Make sure to sign up by the deadline. All the meet information is available under Meets/Events. If you are unsure how to register for a meet do not hesitate to ask!
All athletes need to register for the 2023-2024 season before they can swim on the first day of practice. Athletes who do not register by the first day of practice can not attend practice! This year the USA Swimming registration is split into two payments, LSC and USA. Your first payment when registering for the 2023-2024 season will include the USA LSC Registration. FAMILIES ARE STILL REQUIRED TO FINISH THE USA SWIMMING REGISTRATION ON THE USA WEBSITE.
To register for the 2023-2024 season go to our website under REGISTRATION and start the process.
The USA Swimming registration will not open until September 1st for the 2024 year. The 2024 USA Registration link will be sent out via email and be posted on our registration page. The USA registration needs to be completed by NOVEMBER 1st.
Team Sponsorships
Every year we have sponsorship available for companies you know or may work for! Please take time to share it on your social media or ask you company if they are interested! Below is the link for our team sponsorships! If you have already submitted payment as a sponsor please send us your logo!
If you have any questions or concerns please let me know,
Jessica Colby
Head Coach
Red Dragon Swimming
"Once a Red Dragon, Always a Red Dragon"