Weekly Update: 11/13/23 - 11/19/23

Jessica Colby
Hello Red Dragon Families!
Practice this Week
We have practice Monday-Wednesday this week! We do not have practice on Friday due to the FMY IMX meet. We will be offering a short practice on Thursday for ONLY athletes who are attending the FMY IMX meet this weekend. Below is more information about Thursday practice. Gold will have a goal setting session on Tuesday from 6:50-7:30PM and have practice from 7:30-9PM. Gold please attempt to attend Tuesday practice.
Thursday Practice at Hulbert Aquatic Center
This practice is only for athletes who are attending the FMY IMX Meet this weekend. Space is VERY limited resulting in us limiting the practice to athletes attending the FMY IMX Meet. Below are the practice times for our groups on Thursday. We recommend in attending this practice as we will be going over meet warmup and schedule with athletes.
Minis and Bronze: 7:00-7:30PM
Silver and Gold: 7:15-8PM
Athletes may be done early or later and we request parents to stay at facility for the duration of this practice.
Location: Hulbert Aquatic Center 620 7th Ave E West Fargo, ND 58078
It is MEET WEEK!!! I hope everyone is excited for our FIRST meet of the season! A separate email will be sent out in regards of this meet as there is A LOT of information! Please take time to read over this email as this meet is a Prelim/Finals meet and we want everyone to be prepared!
Location: Hulbert Aquatic Center 620 7th Ave E West Fargo, ND 58078
The WFF Meet Entries are due this Tuesday! Make sure to declare if you are attending the meet or not!
We officially have our date for our Home Meet! We will be hosting a meet on January 13th. I hope to have our meet information this week or next week. Every year Red Dragons host 1-2 meets a year to help keep our monthly dues low for our families. We do not require volunteer hours but we do ask for help to host these 1-2 mee4ts to help keep costs down for you! Please take time to look over the sign up and help us out at our meet!
If your athlete is not USA registered your athlete can NOT attend practice. To register your athlete in USA Swimming please go to our Website, click Registration, click USA Registration Link in blue, and follow the directions from there. 
High School Athletes and Qualifying Meets
If your athlete is attending and meets with our team that require a qualifying time and you want to use their High School times you will need a proof of times report from your High School coach or the results of the meet. You can only use meet results or proof of times for State-level meets or lower. Any Sectional, Zone or National Meets have to be MN High School State Meet, ND EDC or ND State Meet. Any other meet does not qualify them for Sectionals, Zones or National Meets. All proof of times and meet results need to be sent to Coach Jess as many meets will ask for proof of times.
Team Sponsorships
Every year we have sponsorship available for companies you know or may work for! Please take time to share it on your social media or ask your company if they are interested! Below is the link for our team sponsorships! If you have already submitted payment as a sponsor please send us your logo!
Taking a Break?
If you are taking a break this month please let me know by the 25th for your payments to be paused. To know if your payments have been paused go into the GoMotion App and your athlete should be listed as "suspended".
If you have any questions or concerns please let me know,
Jessica Colby
Head Coach
Red Dragon Swimming
"Once a Red Dragon, Always a Red Dragon"