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Fees, Fundraising, and Other Charges


By becoming a member of Streamliner Aquatics Swim Club, you are obligated to pay the monthly dues and other charges in a timely manner. There is 10% discount for second swimmer and 20% discount for third swimmers. You will be notified if we have not received your payment by the 7th of every month.  If your payment has not been received by the 14th, your swimmer will NOT BE ALLOWED to swim until payment is made.


MONTHLY TEAM FEE: (Effective January 1, 2024)

Senior Group: $150

Gold Group: $150

Silver Group: $130

Bronze Group: $120

Pre-Comp Group $110



Streamliner Aquatics is a member of USA Swimming. All swimmers are required to register as member of USA Swimming.



There is an annual fundraising fee of $120.00 for which you will be billed $10 per month.  Please notify the team administrator if you wish to make one annual payment.



If you plan take time off from the team, there are two ways to do so, LEAVE OF ABSENCE or SUSPENSION. This form must be completed and delivered by the 25th of the month prior to the month in which the leave of absence or suspension is to begin. For example, a Leave of Absence request to play soccer in September should be delivered no later than August 25th to avoid being charged for September.

  • A LEAVE OF ABSENCE is for a maximum of three months and carries a monthly fee of $35 per swimmer plus the fundraising fee (if applicable). This fee holds your swimmer’s or swimmers’ spot(s) on the roster.
  • A SUSPENSION carries no monthly fee and does not hold a spot on the roster. A swimmer returning within 12 months of account suspension will incur a $85 fee, plus any applicable fundraising fees.
  • Depending on the timing and duration of the Leave of Absence or Suspension, the annual USA Swimming fee also may need to be paid upon returning to the club.



We require all team members wear team T-shirt and caps during the meet.  We allow swimmers to swim in the suit of their preference as long as it matches the team colors, royal blue and silver/gray. Black is also an appropriate base color. or amazon have a variety of royal and black options.

For efficiency and effectiveness during practice, certain equipment is needed to enhance our swimmers’ level of technique and power.  Below is a list of equipment required for each practice level:

Senior Group – Kickboard, Fins, Paddles, and Mesh Bag (Option)

Gold Group -- Kickboard, Fins, Paddles, and Mesh Bag (Option)

Silver Group -- Kickboard, Fins, Paddles, and Mesh Bag (Option)

Bronze Group – Kickboard, Fins, and Mesh Bag (Option)

Pre-Comp Group -- Kickboard, Fins, and Mesh Bag (Option)



There is an entry fee when you sign up for a swim meet. Meet fees average $30 to $40 and support the meet operating cost. You will be billed for the meet if you sign up and there will be NO REFUND after the registration deadline.



Family involvement is essential for the success of Streamliner Aquatics. Our team relies on parent support, and as a team, each member has the obligation to involve themselves in swim team activities. Each family requires donating certain volunteer hours through the season.  Or you may opt out volunteer for $50. We strongly encourage parent to volunteer as a board member, parent committee member, meet referee, or timer.  We need your support to be a better team.



Sign up for your preferred payment method when you register on-line. You can change the payment method if needed.

  1. Automatically charge credit card – there will be 2.95%+$0.30 per transaction fee
  2. Automatically charge bank account
  3. Manually mail payment following address or hand to Coach Shao:

          Streamliner Aquatics

          PO Box 240

          Meridian, ID 83680


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