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Group Placement Standards

Effective date: September 2015


Definition of Team Groups:

The Streamliner coaching staff is committed to working with each swimmer in a personal, informative and positive way to achieve success as they learn, grow and improve their swimming skills.  There are four ability levels, each with a set of standards so that swimmers can set goals to advance from one level to the next.

Each training group has time standards and a set of expectations based on the swimmers’ technical skills, training abilities, commitment level and maturity.  This progressive structure provides an opportunity for swimmers to continue to challenge themselves for successful in the next level. All group placement decisions are based on recommendations made by the coach and in the best interest of swimmers and their long-term development. The time requirements for each group are based on the USA Swimming age group time standards.

Streamliners offers an opportunity for swimmers to move into the next training group, or "level-up" 4 times a year.  


Pre-Competitive Group

Bronze Group

Silver Group

Gold Group

The Senior training group is divided into Pre-Senior and Senior subgroups based on the consideration of the swimmers’ age, abilities, and long-term development. They will practice as one group with separate workouts geared toward the best interest of the swimmers’ development to challenge swimmers to reach the next level.

Pre-Senior Group

Senior Group

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