The Mavericks Gymnastics Booster Club is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization open for membership to all families of the Mavericks Gymnastics competitive team.  The goal of the organization is to financially offset expenses for team families. Support is shown in many ways including time, raising money and contributing funds.  


Coach Hunter and her twin brother were born on November 3rd.  

-2x NCAA Champion and an All-American on vault are some of Hunter's biggest gymnastics accomplishments, while forgetting her ENTIRE floor routine her first meet as an optional was not.

Some of Hunter's favorites...

color: blue...or black... or pink...or yellow!

sweet/treat: cookies, red velvet cake, banana nut bread

shop:  Target (?)

Words of Wisdom:  The power of positivity is a real thing.



Gracie was born on December 3rd. She was adopted and is the youngest of 8..and she can hold her breath for 15 seconds under water.

Competed for Auburn University and was All-SEC, won a silver medal at SEC Championships and scored a 9.975 are some of Gracie's biggest gymnastics accomplishments. Gracie has landed on her head (more than once) during a tumbling pass starting in her senior hear of high school and then did again every year in college.  One of her most difficult skills to gain was a back walkover - required getting a spot as an elite gymnast in a competition.

Gracie's favorites...

color: PINK

sweet/treat: chocolate covered strawberries

shop: H-E-B or BUC-EE'S

Words of Wisdom:  You have to work for what you want because it's not going to just be given, you have to fight for it!