The Mavericks Gymnastics Booster Club is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization open for membership to all families of the Mavericks Gymnastics competitive team.  The goal of the organization is to financially offset expenses for team families. Support is shown in many ways including time, raising money and contributing funds. 

Meet the Coaches

COACH YANI - Compulsory girls level 1

Coach Yani is a recent HS Graduate 

COACH ASHLEY - Level 2-3

Coach Ashley is your level 2-3 Head Coach

COACH ERIN - Head Compulsory Girls level 3-5 & Xcel

Coach Erin was born March 1st.

Greatest/biggest gymnastic accomplishments: Getting her scholorship to Augustana University for acro-tumbling. Biggest joy was sticking it out at Mavericks to coach her Compulsory and Xcel girls 

Erin's favorites....

Color: Forest Green 

Sweets/Treats: Vanilla cupcakes and Glazed Donuts (Shipleys)

Shop: Amazon 

Biggest Gymnastics Blooper: Splitting the beam after boasting that " I am going to stick my routine" 

Words of wisdom: " Failure is not a fail... as long as you are willing to try any result is a lesson. You will never know up if you have never been down. "


COACH HUNTER - Optionals level 6 -7

Coach Hunter and her twin brother were born on November 3rd.  

2x NCAA Champion (2014 & 2016) All-American on vault (2016) are some of Hunter's biggest gymnastics accomplishments. First level 7 meet - forgot her ENTIRE floor routine her first meet.

Hunter's favorites...

Color: Black!

Sweets/Treat: Sour Punch straws, sweet tart ropes all and any baked goods 

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Words of Wisdom:  " Don't worry about what everyone elses thinks, Just be you! "

" Don't worry abot what everyone else is doing Go at your own pace. "