Outside of All-Star Cheerleading, we have a host of classes to either introduce your athlete to the sport or sharpen and improve their skills!

Tumbling Classes

We offer tumbling classes for ages 3 and up! In each class your athlete will go through a series of drills and stations to improve their tumbling abilities and strengthen their bodies to execute each skill efficiently and safely. Our tumbling classes are separated based on age and skill level.

Tiny Tumbling

Specifically for ages 3-5. This class is specially designed for pre-school to kindergarten aged children only. This class introduces your athlete to the world of tumbling!

Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced Tumbing

Beginner tumbling classes are for ages 6 and up. Introduces your athlete to level 1 or beginner tumbling.

Intermediaate and Advanced tumbling classes are for ages 6 and up. Your athlete has to have an UNASSISTED back walkover to take this class.

Cheer FUNdamentals

Our cheer fundamentals is an introduction to the sport of competitive cheerleading wrapped in a 4 week program! Your athlete will learn tumbling skills and drills as well as stunting, jumps and more. They will get a taste of the sport without the long term commitment! This program is broken up by age.

Tiny FUNdamentals is for ages 3-6.

Cheer 101 FUNdamentals is for ages 7 and up.

At the end of the 4 weeks your athlete will received a special GCX tshirt and will put on a performance for family and friends!

Flex and Jumps Class

This class is great to help athletes improve on their flexibility and their jumps! Flexibility and jumps are huge elements in cheerleading and extra practice in these areas will greatly improve your athletes abilites! Also a great class for flyer or aspiring flyers!