Welcome to Fire & Ice Irish Dance

Welcome to Fire & Ice Irish Dance Studio! 

We have classes for beginning & intermediate-level kids, teens, and adults as well as team classes for returning company members. 

Classes meeting on Mondays will have drop-in classes June 6th & 13th

Tuesday classes will meet on June 7th & 14th

Wednesday Classes meet on June 1st and 8th

Thursday classes meet on June 2nd and 9th


Children's lessons will be 16.25 per class

Adult Company, Sr. Softshoe Company and Adult/Teen Beginning/Intermediate class will be 25.00 per class

Youth Team 1 will be 21.25 per class

Mixed Hardshoe will be 18.75 per class


You won't need to register again if you're in our system. If you come to class, I'll charge your card. That way you don't have to pay if you can't come or hassle with registrations. You will need to make sure you still have a credit card on file.

New students are welcome to join. There will be a Drop-In class on the website for new dancers to register in. Text me at 253 874-1533 to determine the best class for you or your child.

I'll be going to Ireland on June 17th through July 4th. I'm not sure of the dates for July & August yet. I'll let you know. In September we will continue with lessons and will reestablish our performance teams for the Irish Festival, Folklife and our recital.

I've so enjoyed this last season in our new studio. It has been a pleasure.


Susan Walker