Mountain Madness

Tom Shackel

Great fun at the Mountain Madness meet, which thankfully did not turn out to be too mad! Congratulations to all of the swimmers, what a great way to get back into the swing of racing and enjoying the fruits of all our hard work over the first 5 weeks of training.

A special mention to all of Alex’s athletes racing at a 2-day meet for the first time, competing really well over both days and having a fantastic attitude over the weekend.

I thought the eliminator was a great success, big congratulations to Beni and Len who won their respective age group eliminators, enjoy your gift vouchers!

Thank you to all their teammates for supporting them throughout eliminator and for all your support of each other throughout the meet. Cheering was great!

Thank you again for all the volunteer support to run the meet, we can’t do it without you! I hope your athletes saw the success that they were chasing!

Onto Fernie for some and Cochrane for others! I look forward to continue to see your progression!

Go Riptides Go!


New Riptides Club Records

Girls 16 - 50BR – 38.22 Jaime Lakusta – 37.01 Sydney McLaren – Mountain Madness 2023

Boys 14 – 100IM – 1:10.07 Neo Gleason – 1:09.71 Ethan Lake – Mountain Madness 2023

Boys 15 – 50FR – 25.60 Jason Evans – 24.69 Benedek Purnhauser – Mountain Madness 2023

Boys 15 – 50BK – 30.63 Jason Donelon – 27.54 Benedek Purnhauser – Mountain Madness 2023

Boys 15 – 50FL – 28.40 Sam Pauch Nolin - 27.50 Benedek Purnhauser – Mountain Madness 2023


New Provincial Qualifiers

Boys 14-15 Provincial Championships – Rhys Ashcroft - 50BR – 33.71

Girls 11-11 Festival South – Milah Morgan Smith – 100FR – 1:29.60

Girls 11-11 Festival South – Olivia Hladky– 100FR – 1:34.53