Bow Valley Riptides Swim Club
Philosophy, Expectations, and Policies

You will be signing an acknowledgment of the Bow Valley Riptides Swim Club’s philosophy, expectations and policies on your membership application. Please read them carefully, making sure your swimmer understands and obeys the rules.

The Bow Valley Riptides Swim Club is a non-profit organization that raises its annual budget by fees and fund raising activities.

Mission Statement

To provide a competitive and developmental swimming environment with qualified coaches who are dedicated to developing each child physically, socially and emotionally. To promote the sport of competitive swimming through regularly scheduled competitions, thereby developing team spirit, sportsmanship and self-confidence. To provide athletes with opportunities to compete at the local, Provincial and National level.

Club Goals

  • To teach and develop competitive swimming skills in children ages 5 and older.

  • To provide opportunities for all club members to compete in swim meets that are fun, challenging and appropriate for swimmers’ abilities and goals.

  • To provide a safe social, physical and emotional environment for each swimmer.

  • To encourage the development of assistant coaches within the club.

Expectations of Swimmers

  • Obey all rules and regulations of the Club, pool and coaches.

  • Be on time for practices and competitions.

  • Take responsibility for informing the appropriate people of non-attendance at meets or practices well in advance.

  • Represent the Club in an honorable, respectable manner when at meets and at practice (which means no destruction of pool property or equipment, fighting, pushing, snapping towels, foul language, or verbal harassment).

  • Respect the coaches, officials, volunteers and pool staff at meets and practices.

  • Participate as a team member in competitions and Club activities.

Expectations of Parents

  • Support their child, coaches and team in order to reach the highest level possible.

  • Encourage their child’s full participation at practice, swim meets and club activities.

  • Participate in all fund raising activities and swim meets.

  • Discuss their child’s progress with coaches before or after practice, not on deck.

  • Allow coaches to establish and implement the season’s program. It may take several weeks to fully implement a program. For a successful season this requires full trust and support from swimmers, parents and the Club Executive.

  • Discuss any concerns about the program with the Club President or alternate who will set up necessary meetings to address the problem.

  • Will submit complaints / concerns regarding coaching, club operations or facilities in writing to the club executive so that they can be formally addressed and followed up.

  • Parents are responsible for swimmers during all swim meets. It is not the coaches’ responsibility to supervise the swimmers between events.

  •  Parents are responsible to organize the transportation of swimmers to and from practices and meets.

Expectations of Coaches

  • Follow the directives of the Club Executive and policy manual.

  • Provide a training program outline and coaching philosophy statement addressing training, discipline and expectations of swimmers before the commencement of the season. The Executive will approve this.

  • Arrange for a substitute coach when unable to fulfill commitment.

  • Communicate with the Executive any concerns or difficulties as they arise.

  • Attend swim meets.

  • Set up procedures for swim meet entries, and communicate the process with swimmers and their parents.  Prepare and submit all meet registrations before deadlines.

  • Keep up-to-date best time records for all swimmers.

  • Coaches are responsible for the direction and discipline of swimmers during practices and swim meets. Coaches are responsible for all swimmers until the scheduled end of practice.

  • Mentor and develop assistant coaches within the program.

  • All coaches will work together to plan and deliver the program.

  • At the end of the season provide a report and evaluation to the Executive.

  • Provide ongoing swimmer evaluations and end of season award nominations.

  • Encourage full participation of all swimmers at practices and meets.

  • Coaches must be fully prepared for each practice and be available 15 minutes prior to and after each practice for questions.

  • Undergo a RCMP criminal record check

  • Assist with preparation of newsletters and bulletins on a regular basis throughout the season.


General Club Policies 

  • Parents and coaches will not represent the views or positions of the Riptides swim club to the Town of Canmore, Swim Alberta, Swim Canada or other organizations without permission of the club executive. Failure to follow this directive could result in suspension from the club.

  • A one week try out period is in place for new swimmers. Entry into the Club will be at the coaches’ discretion regarding acceptable skill level.

  • Swimmers will not be allowed to participate in the Club until registration fees have been paid in full.

  • Swimmers will be notified of all upcoming meets and events and the procedure to follow to register for meets.

  • It is the responsibility of swimmers and parents to follow coaches’ procedures and deadlines for meet registration.

  • Swimmers who do not attend a meet for which they registered will be required to reimburse the Club for the fee, unless an acceptable reason is given.

  • With regard to relay events, if a swimmer misses a relay and causes the team to be scratched, this swimmer, at the coach’s discretion, stands the possibility of not being selected for future relay teams.

  • Swimmers are expected to wear Club caps and clothing at meets.

  • Swimmers and families are expected to participate in all fundraising activities.

  • All swimmers will obey all instructions from any coach.

  • Inappropriate and unsafe behavior will not be tolerated at practices or meets.

  • Each swimmer is encouraged to have a pair of swim goggles, a cap and a water bottle. These are to be brought to every practice and meet. All belongings should be labeled

  • Swimmer’s complaints or questions may be taken up with the Coach before or after the practice.

  • Swimmers are responsible for making sure they are on deck fifteen minutes before their events at a meet, making sure they have adequately stretched or warmed up.  Swimmers also must report to the coach before and after their event.

  • Swimmers must inform the coach as to their whereabouts if they leave the deck at practice or meets.

  • Swimmers are responsible for deck tidiness and looking after their own belongings at all swim meets and practices.

  • Swimmers under age 10 must have active supervision at all swim meets. This is not a coach’s responsibility.

  • Each family is responsible to complete volunteer work for the club.


Disciplinary Policy

Discipline - 2021

Club Bylaws

Bylaws – 2017 update

Team Travel Policy 

Riptides Team Travel Policy – 2018 update

Volunteer Policy

Riptides Volunteer Policy – 2021 update

Affiliation with other Clubs 

The Bow Valley Riptides Swim Club may affiliate with other Swim Alberta clubs within the Calgary area in order to provide swimmers with additional opportunities such as training in a long course pool, accessing specialized coaching or attending swim meets that the Riptides club may be unable to support. The following policies will apply to club affiliations:

  • The Bow Valley Riptides executive in consultation with the head coach will establish those clubs with which the Riptides will be affiliated.

  • All training and competition arrangements with an affiliate club will made by the head coach and / or club executive.

  • Swimmers and parents are not to make arrangements for swimming with other clubs without the approval of the head coach and club executive.

  • Not withstanding the above, parents and swimmers may make arrangements to swim with clubs outside of the Calgary area if the swimmer is going to be away on holidays or other business. The head coach must be informed of all such arrangements.