We encourage our members to purchase all equipment and swimsuits from our sponsor, Team Aquatic Supplies. Use your Riptides Shark Card and get 20% off the listed price! 

The password for the Riptides store on Team Aquatics website is BOW148


Here is what your swimmer needs:




Finis Swimmers Snorkel

TAS Short Fins

Mesh Equipment Bag

Team Swim Suit

Team Swim Cap (silicone for swim meets)

Team Swim Cap (latex for practices)

White, Red and Gold:


Swimmers Snorkel

Kickboard and Pull Buoy

Arena Powerfin Pro Fins

Finger Paddles and Hand Paddles

Mesh Equipment Bag and Water Bottle

Team Swim Suit and Training Swim Suit

Team Swim Cap (silicone for swim meets)

Finis Tempo Trainer 

Team Swim Suits

Can be ordered directly from Team Aquatic Supplies or from our equipment manager. 

Please email melissa@riptides.ca to inquire:

Racing Suits

It is important for athetles to have the correct gear for racing, we reccomend the Powerskin ST in mens and womens, red is best colour! The ST usually retails around $150 but can be found on sale often.

Arena Powerskin ST – womens and mens

Other options for suits include:

Speedo Vanquisher and LZR

The most important thing with racing suits is that they are not overworn or mid cared. Please snsure you get the most out of your investment by carefully reading the "care" instructions. 

I recommend for most athletes to have a couple of cheaper suits in a rotation for races and then one new suit for our target meets. It is becoming increasingly rare to see athletes without knee suits in racing. This can certainly affect an athlete mentally. I love the new suit for the big meet. It makes and athlete feel special and ready. Whilst not essential it can really help! A quote i have heard is "I am unbeatable in this suit"