Fernie Fall Blast

Tom Shackel

Fernie Fall Blast

We were greeted with some beautiful weather, reminding me of home in Fernie last weekend. Remind us just how many blue-sky days we get in Alberta!

I don’t think the weather dampened the spirits of the squad who set about some really confident and strong racing over the meet. Capped with a really fun “Bounty Freestyle” complete with some classic music choices for the walk outs!

Friday saw, really positive 200BR and 400FR, working our way back into the swing of some middle distance after the sprints of Canmore. Big congrats to Luna who swam a 200BR for the first time as well as Abby who dropped a crazy 2min and 5 seconds in her 400FR!

Saturday really centered around the “Bounty 50FR” athletes had to qualify in the AM for the final, 1st qualifiers got to pick their walkout song. “PG” was a challenge for some!

Qualifying in the AM where, Beni, Rhys, Ethan, Dylan, Chloe, Kahlen, and Greta. With Beni, Ethan, Greta seeded 1st. Needing to break some pretty fast times in order to win a split of $500!

Ethan, Greta, and Beni won their respective 50 finals, with Beni just missing the time of 24.22 by 2 10ths of a second. They will all get some nice backpacks though for winning their finals! It was such a great atmosphere the kids and coaches had a blast!! 

Well done to all those breaking some old club records, even a Pasemko one!

Great fun and Great racing all around, we move onto Cochrane which will be our shot at some longer distances!


Club Records

Girls 16-16 100BR Whitney Woods 1:24.27 – Chloe Kestle 1:22.43

Girls 16-16 200BR Whitney Woods 3:01.83 – Chloe Kestle 2:54.02

Girls 16-16 100IM Jaime Lakusta 1:13.15 – Chloe Kestle 1:12.80

Girls 16-16 200IM Alex Pasemko 2:41.75 – Chloe Kestle 2:33.60

Boys 15-15 50 FR Benedek Purnhauser 24.69 – Benedek Purnhauser 24.37

Boys 15-15 200FR Neo Gleason 2:05.21 – Benedek Purnhauser 2:03.49

Boys 15-15 400FR Neo Gleason 4:23.33 – Benedek Purnhauser 4:22.25