Cascade Sandy Ferris

Alex Pasemko

What a weekend in Calgary at the Sandy Ferris Cascade Meet. We had 15 athletes attend the meet, with some making finals each night. Whether it was the first meet with heats and finals or an experienced swimmer knowing what those long days entail, we pushed boundaries and made huge success in the mornings and evenings! We had some amazing personal bests, breaking some milestones. We were fearless In the pool this weekend. I told an athlete that it’s not the race suit that is swimming it is you that is swimming, these little things we need to keep reminding ourselves of. Athletes are putting in all the hard work, they deserve it all.

We talked a lot about prelims and finals and what that means. It’s a second opportunity to better yourself, challenge yourself and a chance to race for medals. What a privilege to be able to come back for round 2!


Some outstanding swims:

Luka in the finals for his 100BK, just shy of bronze from seated 7th in the final.

Dylan showing bug successes in his backstroke races, PB’s in prelims and going into finals.

Abby killing it in her races with some great swims, lets see those strokes train in practice!

Zoelia pushed through and came back for her 100 fly finals, for that second opportunity!

Lily just shy of bronze in her 50 BK as well, going in 8th and finishing 4th!

Scotlyn with great swims in the morning and coming back in the evening to cheer her team mates on when she didn’t have any finals!