Pugsley Plunge

Alex Pasemko

What a weekend at Pugsley Plunge, to say the least I think we were all on our toes with the emergencies, and last-minute changes. Thank you to the swimmers and families for being understanding and flexible this weekend!

We had a great weekend otherwise in the beautiful YMCA pool in Calgary, for some it was a new pool to compete in and some to visit.

All athletes swam strong over the weekend, we had many PB’s, medal and qualifying times for Provincial Trials and Championships!


Congratulations to Luna for grabbing her first trials time in the 50 FR. We are so proud of you and your training its well deserved. Edmonton will be a blast in March!

Congratulations to Len in swimming a fearless solo 50m BK with all eyes on her, and with that she also come out with her first champ time!

A shout out to Abby for coming up to me after her race and after my feedback to ask how to do ‘x’ better and how specific she was. What a loaded question in all the good ways! This is the type of communication we want to hear from the athletes. Keep asking those questions!


My motto by the end of the weekend was just go out there and be fearless! Leave it in the pool, what do you have to loose? All the turns, skills and tactics we have been doing in practice should be the star show in all your races this weekend.