Ready to Run?

Coach Lauren Skinner


Yes, we're swimmers! 
Yes, running is hard! 
Yes, we're doing it! (OPTIONALLY!)
Starting next week, every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:15 we will meet at the track for extra credit running! Emphasis will be on injury prevention, technique, breathing, not so much on distance.  If you are currently recovering from an injury that would be made WORSE by running, please heal first, THEN you can come run ;)
This is open to ALL Riptides practice groups! Bring water, running shoes, and happy feet :)
Side note on running shoes...
1- please TIE your shoelaces... seems obvious, but loose shoes are not helpful for running
2- appropriately sized running shoes should have at least a thumbs width of space at the toe, to allow for some foot movement within the shoe. Shoes that are too small or worn out can cause blisters or shin pain!
Come on down! 
Coach Lauren