Coach Lauren Skinner

Hello speeeeeed racers! If you already have a 2022 WAG time cut, or PLAN to have a 2022 WAG cut, check out the information below regarding BOTH the Pacific Coast All-Star meet AND the SCS All-Star Festival meet! Last year we were lucky enough to have 3 swimmers AND Coach Dennis attend! The application to be eligible to be selected for the Pacific Coast All-Star Meet or the SCS All-Star Festival meet (same application for both meets): APPLICATIONS ARE DUE BY THE LAST DAY OF THE 2022 WAG Meet:...

Coach Lauren Skinner

Riptides!! Yes, we're swimmers! Yes, running is hard! Yes, we're doing it! (OPTIONALLY!) Starting next week, every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:15 we will meet at the track for extra credit running! Emphasis will be on injury prevention, technique, breathing, not so much on distance. If you are currently recovering from an injury that would be made WORSE by running, please heal first, THEN you can come run ;) This is open to ALL Riptides practice groups! Bring water, running shoes, and happy feet :) Side note on running shoes......

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We are proud to announce that our new website is officially live. Arcadia Riptides Swim Club has partnered with GoMotion to bring our business a brand new look! Check it out and let us know what you think :)