The support and dedication from parents and families of our swimmers continue to make our program successful. We depend on a strong volunteering network to maintain excellence when hosting swim meets and other related activities as we look forward. Volunteering helps bring our families together to support the team, leading to a positive team culture. We want to encourage all Racer families’ involvement at meets and team events by sharing the workload and responsibilities. 

All parents will be required to volunteer a minimum of 2 of 3 days for multiple day meets. The penalty for non-compliance with this policy will result in a $50 fee PER SESSION billed to your team unify account immediately following the meet.

• Some meets, such as the State Meet or other prelims/finals meets, you may be required to volunteer in more sessions. The Volunteer Coordinator will notify families if volunteering in every session your swimmer swims is necessary. 


The Racers will host several swim meets during the short course season this year, and there will be volunteer opportunities available during each meet. We depend on our families to come together and help make each meet a successful one! 

Families may opt out of the volunteer requirement by paying a $500 fee for team support at the time of registration. This would allow us to hire additional support at our events when needed.


The team understands that there may be circumstances that conflict with this obligation. Please contact [email protected] to make alternate arrangements if such circumstances arise.