• Senior Hawgs - $180 per Month
  • Junior Hawgs – $160 per Month
  • Varsity Hawgs – $130 per Month
  • Boss Hawgs – $135 per Month
  • Hawgs White - $120 per Month
  • Hawgs Red - $110 per Month (One-Day per Week - Monthly Rate $70)
  • Rookie Hawgs - $95 per Month (One-Day per Week - Monthly Rate $60)
  • Masters - $45 per Month (plus an additional $15.00 annual AquaHawgs registration fee)

USA Swimming Membership / Additional Fees - Swimmers will need to register through the USA Swimming website for their Annual USA Swimming Membership.  Swimmers will be required to register with USA Swimming to participate in practices and meets.  There is an Annual AquaHawgs Registration Fee of $100 for all swimmers (includes club equipment/maintenance and administrative fees).  

Multi-Person Discount – Razorback Aquatic Club offers a multi-person discount for families that have multiple people participating in our programs.  There is a 10% reduction in price for the 2nd swimmer.  There is a 20% reduction in price for the 3rd and each additional swimmer.

Due Dates and Late Fees– Invoices are available for viewing on the first of each month.  Account activity can be viewed anytime during the month at My Account > My Invoice/Payment.  A late fee of $20 is assessed on accounts not paid by the 10th of the month.

Online payment options – We offer three options for online payment:

  • Auto payment is billed to a credit or debit card on the 1st day of the month, 
  • Auto payment by ACH bank draft on the 1st day of the month, and
  • On-Demand payment is initiated by the member at any time during the month.  

Notice to Leave the Team or Other Billing Changes - Notice to leave the team or suspend billing for any period of time must be e-mailed to Jana Olson at [email protected] prior to the 26th of the month to avoid billing for the next month.  Changes e-mailed on the 1st or later become effective on the 1st of the following month.  Notifying a coach that you are leaving the team is appreciated but does not affect billing.

Meet Entry Fees – Each meet has a fee associated with participation. Entry fees for meets are billed when the team payment is issued to the host team.  If your athlete cannot participate in a meet after the meet entry deadline has passed, the meet entry fee is non-refundable. Entry Fees for each meet can be found in the Meet Information on each meets page on the AquaHawgs website.

Jones Center Membership – All members of the AquaHawgs are required to have a Jones Center Membership.  All swimmers will need to have the Ultimate Membership. 

Practice Locations – Currently our team holds practices year-round at the Jones Center (JC) in Springdale and HPER Complex in Fayetteville.  Practices in June, July, and August are held at the Springdale Aquatic Center (SAC) and the Jones Center (JC).  All practice times and locations are subject to pool availability.