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Updated 3/13/2016

Social Media Best Practices For Facebook Page Editors

Anyone on Facebook can view and follow our page. Parents sign a photo release at the beginning of each season which grants permission to use photos in any of our team media, and we want to be sensitive to the trust they place in us.

• Photos should be good quality (sometimes a challenge in pool lighting) and well-focused; crop if you need to, or add borders and text for interest.

• Use the first name or first name and last initial of the swimmer, i.e., "Great swim from Ella in her 50 free..." or "Congrats to Addison W. on her new LSC record..."

• Please hashtag our posts with #AquaHawgs and #ARSwimming if you remember!

• If you see an obvious typo in a post, please correct it, even if you aren't the original poster. Also, feel free to add hashtags if they've been left off.

• If a private message is received (usually about swim school or team tryouts), the team admin will catch it and reply. If you notice it hasn’t been responded to in 24 hours or so, please text the team admin!

• Our page cannot be posted to publicly or tagged by other people. However, if you see anything that you feel may be questionable, unsuitable or inappropriate for our page, please delete it immediately. If it was posted by one of us, we can discuss later and repost if needed. Always err on the side of removing.

• Post whenever you have something to share. If you are at an event or meet, feel free to put photos in an album for that event.

• If you follow pages of schools, clubs, or other activities where AquaHawgs are featured, please share to our page, as well as articles from SwimSwam, MySwimLog, USASwimming or other sites that are relatable to our team.

• Time improvements are available on the website after most meets. Feel free to use any of that information in posts if you would like.


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