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June Age Group Invitational Recap (June 16-19, 2023 @ Irvine)

Tim Murphy

June Age Group Invitational @ Irvine (June 16-19, 2023)
Your BCS squad headed to Orange County for this year’s vintage of the June Age Group Invitational, featuring headliners such as the nearly 300-strong Irvine Novaquatics (meet host) and the Santa Clara Swim Club, with its rich swimming history.  In the end, NOVA’s army of athletes proved to be too great a force to reckon with, but your BCS athletes charged hard to a 2nd place combined team finish, with both genders finishing in 2nd place, as well!  The Women’s competition came down to the final event of the meet, after which your BCS women claimed that 2nd place spot by just 3 points!

BCS athletes came home from Irvine with 13 individual wins, plus 3 relay wins, 2 new Sectionals qualifiers (Isaac Chang, Jake Everitt), 1 new Winter Junior Nationals qualifier (Peyton Kuo) and 8 new Team Records!  Team Records were set by:

Bella Brito (15-16 Girls 200 Breast)
Peyton Kuo (15-16 Boys 50/100 Free)
Kayla Sun (11-12 Girls 50 Back)
Max Wang (11-12 Boys 50 Free)
Sam Wang (11-12 Boys 100/200 Free, 100 Breast)

And once again, our loud and proud BCS parent contingency in the bleachers provided much-appreciated support for our athletes who work so hard and lay it all on the line on race day.  Thank you, parents!

Congratulations, athletes, on an outstanding weekend of racing!  On to the highlights!

Beach 1
Edison Cheng (7-10 Boys)
Mr. Cheng was Mr. Consistency as a member of both 7-10 Boys relay teams, splitting 39.9 in the 50 Free each time.  His teams finished 5th and 8th, respectively, putting up some big points for the team!  Congratulations, Edison!

Addie Shamban (7-10 Girls)
Miss Shamban was Miss Butterfly on the 8th place 200 Medley Relay and cranked out a very solid split of 47.2 (1.5 faster than her flat start time!), all with a “goggle moustache.” :-)  Great composure by this young lady, especially after losing her goggles on the dive.  Well done, Addie!

Beach 2
Alysha Annamalai
Alysha came down to Irvine for two relays - the 200 Free and the 200 Medley. She did a great job on the freestyle legs and helped her team (Capri Pierce, Nina Haubner, & Fiona Cooley) into top 10 finishes. Great work, Alysha! Let’s finish the season strong!

Fiona Cooley
At her first June Age Group, Fiona had some excellent swims. She started the meet with a fantastic 100 Back and set a new personal best (-1.82)! A small hiccup on her pull-out in the 100 Breast gave her an unfortunate DQ but she’ll bounce back when she swims it again at Summer Age Group Championships. Teaming up with Alysha, Capri, and Nina, she helped her relay teams (200 Free, 200 Medley) into top 10 finishes. What a meet, Fiona! 

Tyson Imai
Another one of our swimmers at their first June Age Group, Tyson was white hot at this meet. He swam his 100 Breaststroke in a new personal best (-2.46) and a top 20 finish (17th overall). In his 50 Breaststroke, he also set a new personal best (-0.37), finished in the top 20 (19th overall), and got a Summer Age Group cut! He teamed up with Patrick Wang, Patrick Kipp, and Edison Cheng in the relays to get a solid top-10 finish in the 200 Free (8th overall) and a top-5 finish in the 200 Medley (5th). We still have some racing left and I am so excited to see what you can do, Tyson!

Capri Pierce
Capri made the trip to Irvine and swam in one relay (200 Free)! She beat her “flat start” time and helped her team to a top-10 finish. Way to be a great teammate, Capri! Let’s keep up the great work!

Brett Wisniewski
In his first June Age Group, Brett joined us on the final day to swim the 50 Free. While it may not have been the race he was looking for, it was definitely a learning moment and I know he is itching at the chance to give it another try. Head up, Brett! There is still plenty of championship racing left for you!

Zack Wisniewski
Like his brother, it was also Zack’s first June Age Group and he swam the 50 free as well. He was right around his personal best and I know he is already looking to go again. The sky's the limit for you, Zack! Onto championship season!

Beach 3
The midday sessions were sunny, fun and fast! It is an early season champs meet and the kids were either still in school or just finishing, so it's a weird time of year for a meet like this. This group did a really nice job. I was super pleased at how they supported one another and how they conducted themselves at this meet. Great attitudes and great efforts all weekend long. Way to go Beach 3! 

Nina Haubner - The youngest of the group had a successful outing individually and in relays. 100 Back, 50 Back with a drop of 1.09, 200 Free Relay 9th Place, 200 Medley Relay 8th place, and 50 Breast nice swim, but DQ flinched off the blocks, and would have been a best time. Good swims under pressure at this type of meet and brought in some nice relay points. Way to go Nina! 

Hana Imai - Hana made some cuts recently and then came to JAG trying to grab some more time drops off those swims and did. 

100 Breast drop of 1.08, 400 Free Relay 5th Pace, 400 Medley Relay 5th Place, 100 Free drop of .77, 200 Free Relay 3rd Place, 200 Medley Relay 6th Place and 50 Breast. Good swims and big relay points. Great job Hana! 

Hailey Kuo - Hailey had an age up for this champs meet as well, she had a really solid meet, great efforts, and great attitude. 50 Fly drop of .37, 400 Medley Relay 5th Place, 400 Free Relay 5th Place, 200 Free Relay 3rd Place, 200 Medley Relay 6th Place ,50 Breast drop of .44 and 50 Free drop of .79. Great Individual swims and some big point grabs on relays. Well Done! 

Patrick Kipp - Patrick at his first JAG, had some nice swims and one minor emergency which cost him a DNF in the 100 free. He climbed back up there and swam a great relay leg after that. He swam 100 Back with a drop of .43, 50 FLy, 50 Back, 100 Free, 200 Free Relay 8th Place, 200 Medley Relay 5th Place. Proud of you! 

Koji Konishi - Koji at his first JAG and also after a recent tough age-up. He was the relay guy at this meet. 800 Free Relay 5th Place, 400 Free Relay 6th Place, 400 Medley Relay 6th Place. 

Barrett Poole - Barrett gets a big commendation for jumping back on the horse when he didn’t want to. After a difficult 100 fly relay leg on his first day, he didn’t want to swim his individual race. With some consultation and urging,, he ended up swimming it and having a better outcome because of it. Proud of you dude. He swam 100 

Breast, 50 Fly, 400 Medley Relay 4th Place, 100 Free drop of .10, 200 Free Relay 4th Place, 200 Medley Relay 3rd Place, 50 Breast, 100 Fly, 50 Free trying to crack that 30 mark and 400 Free Relay 3rd Place. Great Job Barrett! 

Mateo Trombley - Had an individual swim and was also swapped in for his good friend who shares his name, Matteo Sanchez. Sanchez out earlier in the week for a concussion, Trombley stepped up to support his teammate and his JAG team. Trombley swam 100 back with a drop of .70, 50 Fly and 100 Free individually. His relay role helped grabbed some valuable points. 3rd place 400 Free, 4th Place 400 Medley. Way to go Trombley!

Patrick Wang - Patrick had a nice meet as well. Patrick is a tough competitor, but also like a box of chocolates sometimes (we never know what we are going to get). We joke about this. As a 10 and under wonder, he is super fun to watch race, that is for sure. He swam 100 Br, 50 Fly, 200 IM, 100 Free with a drop of .72, 200 Free Relay, 200 Medley Relay, 50 Breast with a drop of .28 and 50 Free with a drop of .13. Patrick brought a valuable 60 pts to the team. Way to go Patrick!

Beach 4
Sebastian Martinez
Sebastian premiered at his first JAG with the 100 Free event, dropping 1.4 seconds from his best time he swam a week prior. The 50 Breast, unfortunately, was just shy of a best time, but not far off. Sebastian did an outstanding job on 2 boys relays, placing Beach Cities 3rd and 4th, respectively.

Beach 5
Penny Chiu (11-12 Girls)
Miss Chiu raced a full schedule in Irvine, posting three best times in the process.  Her standout swims came in the 100 and 200 Free, where she controlled the races marvelously and blasted new best times in each, her largest margins of improvement over the weekend.  She scored points in all six races (top 16)!  To boot, she was a relay stalwart, where her teams finished as high as 2nd (200 Free Relay) and no lower than 6th (200 Medley Relay).  Way to go, Penny!

Sarah Diethelm (13-14 Girls)
Miss Diethelm raced her heart out, in the midst of yet another busy weekend for this multi-sport athlete.  Although her obligations on the football pitch kept her away from the pool much of the weekend, she showed up in a big way on three relays, placing 3rd in the 800 Free Relay, 5th in the 200 Free Relay and 8th in the 200 Medley.  Her lone individual race, the 200 Breast, wasn’t the outcome she’d hoped for, but it was a great effort, nonetheless.  Solid showing, Sarah!

Meagan Gordon (13-14 Girls)
Miss Gordon has been embracing many of the longer races in our sport lately and it is paying off.  Her 800 Free (10th place) was a standout swim (17+ second drop) and she even took it out in her fastest ever 400 Free!  Her 200s were also really good, especially the 200 Breast, which saw her drop more than 5 seconds to claim 7th place.  She even added a new Sectionals cut to her repertoire (100 Breast), cutting more than 5 seconds off her previous best to finish 3rd in the race!  Relay swims were also very solid, with her teams finishing as high as 4th (200 Medley Relay), but no lower than 6th (800 Free Relay, 400 Free Relay).  Great racing, Meagan!

Avalon Kim (13-14 Girls)
Miss Kim raced very well last weekend, going four for four with best times in each of her individual races, as well as a great leadoff split in the 50 Back on the 200 Medley Relay.  Some huge drops in the Backstrokes have her on the cusp of breaking the 2:30 barrier (2nd place in the 200 Back) and the 1:10 barrier (3rd place in the 100 Back) and inch her closer to unlocking that next level of racing, Sectionals.  It’s not a matter of if, it’s just a matter of when.  Her relay swims were on point, as well, with her teams finishing as high as 4th (200 Medley Relay), but no lower than 9th (200 Free Relay).  Well done, Avalon!

Zoey Lewis (13-14 Girls)
Miss Lewis proved, once again, that she loves to race, going for six new best times on the weekend, three of which were relay lead-off swims (100 Free, 200 Free, 50 Back).  Always love to see athletes at their best on relays, which are true team events.  She had massive drops in her Backstrokes: 200 Back (10th place -7.97), 100 Back (9th place -3.65).  As mentioned, her relay swims were outstanding and she even split 1:04 as the anchor of the 5th place 400 Medley Relay, more than 2 seconds faster than her best time in the 100 Free.  Her relay teams finished as high as 3rd place (800 Free Relay), but not lower than 9th (200 Free Relay).  Awesome racing, Zoey!

Raya Lluz (13-14 Girls)
Miss Lluz raced six times throughout the weekend (3 individuals, 3 relays), finishing just two spots away from a Finals swim in the 100 Back (18th place) and dropping half a second in the 50 Free.  Her relay swims were solid, especially on the 400 Free Relay, where she split nearly 3 seconds faster than her flat start in the 100 Free.  It is wonderful to see her as a regular at the bigger SoCal meets and I have a feeling she is saving her best for last, so watch out for her at the July Championship meets.  Great effort, Raya!

Olive Richmon (13-14 Girls)
Miss Richmon demonstrated resilience when she overcame the disappointment of a missed race to blaze to two best times in the distance Free races (1500/800).  Both were best times and the 1500 was a best time by a lot (almost 25 seconds).  She finished 4th in the 1500 and 9th in the 800 and she raced on three relays, finishing as high as 3rd in the 800 Free Relay with a split that was almost 3 seconds faster than her flat start in the 200 Free.  Great job, Olive!

Alejandro Safa (13-14 Boys)
Mr. Safa rebounded from an illness just a week prior to the meet with some really nice swims.  His biggest leap came in the 1500 Free (3rd place), which was a drop of nearly 25 seconds.  He also had an outstanding 100 Back (-2.05) and 400 Free (-6.73).  His best finish was in the 1500, but he also scored in the 200 Back (13th) and 400 Free (15th).  He was big on the relay front, too, with his teams finishing as high as 4th place (200 Medley Relay), but not lower than 6th place (400 Medley Relay).  Kudos, Alejandro!

Kayla Sun (11-12 Girls)
Miss Sun was en fuego all weekend long, winning five (100 Back, 100 Free, 50 Back, 50 Fly, 50 Free) of her six individual races and blazing to individual bests in each and every swim.  She also came within 0.10 of her first Sectionals cut in the 50 Free (it’s going to happen soon in this event, among others).  One of my favorite parts of her weekend of racing was the way she reacted to missing the Sectionals cut - a brief couple of two-legged hops and an “aw, shucks, I’ll get it next time” smile.  Love to see that.  As usual, she was integral to her relay teams, which finished as high as 3rd (200 Free Relay), but not lower than 6th (200 Medley Relay).  In her final meet as a 12 year old, she set her first Team Record in the 50 Back.  Heck of an effort, Kayla!

Max Wang (11-12 Boys)
The single biggest improvement in the group belonged to Mr. Max Wang and his 100 Fly performance, in which he cut nearly 8 seconds off his previous best to win the race out of lane 8 (outside smoke)!  Not only that, but he posted best times in each of his six individual events, winning two (100 Back, 100 Fly) and finishing on the podium (top 3) in all six, setting a new Team Record in the 50 Free!  His excellence also extended to relays, where his teams finished twice in 3rd place and twice in 4th.  Outstanding racing, Max!

Sam Wang (11-12 Boys)
Mr. Sam Wang continues to ascend (like his brother), dropping seven best times in seven swims, which included a best time by more than 3 seconds in the 50 Back as the leadoff leg of the Medley Relay.  Two of his individual races were wins (100 Free, 200 IM), four were runner-up (100 Back, 100 Breast, 200 Free, 400 Free) and three were new Team Records (200 Free, 100 Free, 100 Breast)!  He also raced extremely well as a member of the two 3rd place and two 4th place relays.  Wow, Sam!

Danny Zimmerman (13-14 Boys)
Mr. Zimmerman just has the juice on race day.  He blazed to six new best times, with his 100 Free being the only event that was not a best time or a Finals swim.  He loves a good battle, as he demonstrated in his ridiculous 1:02.32 (-5.17) swim-off in the 100 Fly, which was 3.64 seconds faster than his Prelims swim.  My personal favorite, though, was his demolition of the B Final in the 400 IM, a swim in which he raced 14 seconds faster than his morning swim.  His reaction was simple, but classic: a single fist pump and a smile.  He, too, was fantastic on relays, helping his teams finish as high as 4th (200 Medley Relay), but not lower than 6th (400 Medley, 400 Free).  Awesome work, Danny!

Senior 3
We were very happy to have Senior 3 athletes attend JAG this year. It is Senior 3’s goal to attend all Championship meets in full force. We were happy to send 4 Individual Athletes and 2 relay athletes. 

Aiden Barret was one of our individual athletes participating in 1500, 800, 50 M Free. Aiden is closing out his Senior year with Beach Cities swimming and we are happy to celebrate his accomplishments with the team. 

Sebastiano Bystedt participated in 2 individual events and 1 Relay. He swam right on best times in the 200 Breast and 100 Fly. 

Madelyn Fu stole the show with some incredible swims at JAG. She continually dropped time in the 50 Free eventually going a 29.54. She is now chasing a sectional cut in that event. She also swam a full slate of relays and also had a great swim in the 100 Free dropping 4 seconds for a 1:04.5. Great work Maddie! 

Cayden Garcia had some great swims at JAG. He is another one of our distance swimmers who dropped a lot of time in the 1500 and 800 M free. It’s great to see a hard working athlete get the results they are looking for. 

Aya Olszewski came to the rescue and saved 4 relays from being scratched at JAG. She swam Freestyle in all of her relays, dropping a lot of time in every event she swam in. Thank you for always stepping up and helping the team out! 

Jewell Lluz is another one of our relay only swimmers. Dropping 2 seconds in her 100 Backstroke leg of the 400 Medley relay and also having fast swims in her 50/100 Freestyle legs of the 400 Free and 200 Free Relay.

Senior 4
Senior 4 headed to JAG unrested to see where we are at mid-season and after a bit of a sluggish start on Friday morning prelims the rest of the meet was fantastic. Very impressed with our walls, finishes, details, and applying all the things we have been working on since September. Shoutout to Jake Everitt for grabbing his first Sectional cut in the 100 Fly.

Evan Brutscher - Evan started off Friday with a 3 second drop in his 200 IM looking strong through the whole race. Saturday Evan had another nice drop in 100 Fly going 1:01 then led off the 400 Medley B relay with a 1:07 100 Back. Sunday he lowered that time again to a 1:05 and was super helpful on both 200 Relays that evening. Evan had a small drop in the 50 Free on Monday and another 1 second drop in the 100 Breast. Monday evening he helped anchor the 400 Free C relay and looked strong throughout all his races, setting up nicely for SAG.

Miki D’Adamo - Miki came down Friday for the 1500 and unfortunately missed her heat so we learn from this and get ready for SAG. 🙂

Jake Everitt - Jake had a breakout meet impressing at every race. Friday he led off the 13/14 800 Free relay with a 2:09 200 Free time. Saturday morning Jake dropped 2.5 seconds in his 100 Fly to dip under the minute mark for the first time AND grab his Sectional time. He finished 2nd in this at Finals and dropped a bit more time. Jake also put together a nice 400 Free to finish 8th. Sunday Jake got his 100 Free time under his fly time with a solid drop going 58.1 and finishing 7th. Monday Jake grabbed 4th in the 200 Fly with a 4 second drop going 2:19 and inching closer to the Sectional cut in that as well. Jake was also a huge help on all the relays.

Kevin Han - Kevin swam Sunday/Monday and was a huge help in all his events and relays. Sunday Kevin went under 1:00 in the 100 Free for the first time and then grabbed 3rd in the 100 Back at finals going 1:05.1. On Monday Kevin was right on his best time in the 50 Free and made it back to finish 16th and grabbed 8th place in the 100 Breast with a nice drop going 1:13.2 knocking on the door of a few Sectional times as well. 

Franco Lee - Franco had a great 200 Breast swim on Saturday dropping 1.8 and just missing the Sectional time in that. Franco also dropped a bit of time in his 100 Fly going 1:08. Franco staying for finals to anchor the 400 Medley C relay with a 58.4 split in his 100 Free and helped the team grab some valuable points.

Gabby Nicholas - Gabby dropped a bit of time on Friday in her 200 Free and then despite adding a smidge in her 200 IM made it back to finals to grab 12th place. Gabby also helped her 800 Free relay grab 3rd place. Saturday Gabby was right on her best 200 Breast time to finish 14th and also made finals in the 100 Fly finishing 16th. Sunday she swam the 400 IM dropping time at prelims and the other thing better than one 400 IM is swimming it a second time - so she smartly made some adjustments at finals to drop a bit more time and finish 14th. Monday Gabby swam the 100 Breast dropping over 2 seconds to finish 5th. Gabby was also a huge help on all the relays including an impressive 29.5 split on the 200 Free Relay.

Heather O’Brien - Heather sprinted down Friday evening after JGs to swim a monster split on the 800 Free relay going 2:14. Saturday Heather dropped a bit in her 400 Free and helped the B medley relay by swimming fly. Heather was right on her best time in the 100 Free but dropped time in this leading off the 400 Free relay going 1:03.0. Heather dipped under the 30 second mark in the 50 Free for the first time leading off the 200 Free relay with a 29.4 and did it again in her individual event. Heather also swam a great 800 Free to finish 14th. 

Pierce Ryan - Pierce also had a standout meet and was very impressive in all his events and relay swims. Friday Pierce dropped 4 seconds in his 200 Back going 2:27. On Saturday he dropped over 5 seconds in his 200 Breast going 2:43 and looked strong the whole race. Pierce led off the 400 medley relay dropping a bit in his 100 Back and then dropped even more in his individual 100 Back race going 1:05. Monday Pierce went a 1:13 in his 100 Breast, down from a 1:19 to come close to that Sectional time. Pierce was also a huge help in relays including a 59 split in his 400 Free relay.

Ben Schlehuber - Ben dropped a bit of time in his 200 Back going 2:27 and grabbing an alternate spot. Ben had a fantastic 1500 swim dropping 22 seconds going 18:49 and looking strong the whole way. Ben also helped the 800 B team grab 5th place with a 2:07 split. Ben came back down on Sunday to swim the 100 Free dropping nearly a second going 58.1 and also helped both 200 Relays.

Bennett Sootkoos - Love that Bennett came down just for relays. Bennett split a 1:01 anchoring the 400 Medley D relay right on his best time and Bennett also swam on the 200 Free D relay going 27.6 in his 50 Free. Thank you for helping out the team with relay swims!

Andi Taylor - Coming off a quick vacation Andi swam Sunday and Monday and was a huge asset. Andi finished 10th in the 100 Free with a 1:02 right on her best time. Andi anchored the 200 Medley relay that finished 4th with a 29.0 split and led off the 200 Free relay with a 29.7. Monday Andi grabbed a spot in the A final for the 50 Free and finished 7th with a 28.8 and led off the 400 Free relay to a 6th place finish.

Josh Truong - Josh kicked off Saturday with a nice drop in his 200 Breast going 2:43 and then had an impressive 1:12 breast split in the D Medley relay that finished 13th. Sunday Josh came down just for relays and was a huge help including a 30.6 split in the 50 Breast and a 24.9 split in the 200 Free relay that finished 7th. Monday Josh dropped a bit in his 50 Free going 26.4 and then dropped 3 seconds in his 100 Breast going 1:12 and inching closer to that Sectional time. Josh also helped the 400 Free relay with a 59.4 leadoff split.

Ian Tumamak - Ian had a bit of a rough start in his 200 Back on Friday but quickly turned it around. Ian swam on the 800 C relay splitting 2:11 to help them finish 8th. Sunday Ian dropped 2 seconds in his 400 IM going 5:15 and then came back to help the relays that evening including a 32.9 50 back leadoff and a 26.2 50 Free split. Monday Ian dropped 2 seconds in his 200 Fly going 2:31 and then put together a fantastic 800 Free dropping 15 seconds going 9:45. Ian also helped the 400 Free C relay grab 10th place.

Vincent Wang - Vincent kicked off his meet with the 200 Free going 2:05 right on his best time then dropped 1.5 in the 200 Back going 2:27. That evening he swam on the 800 Free A relay going 2:04 and finishing 4th. Saturday Vincent did the fly leg on the 400 Medley C relay that finished 9th with a 1:03 split. On Sunday Vincent raced a great prelim swim dropping 1.5 total to grab 15th at Finals going 54.8. That evening he also led off the 200 Free B team with a 25.5 to finish 7th. Monday Vincent had a solid 50 Free going 25.5 again dropping a bit and then anchored the 400 Free B team with a 54.8 again finishing 6th.

Senior 5/High Performance
High 5 took 16 swimmers down to Irvine for the June Age Group Invitational. High 5 were training through JAG so we did not rest for the meet, but that did not stop them from conquering the pool and shattering my expectations for the meet! In total, we walked away with 296 Individual points scored between the group and countless Relay points to help Beach Cities come away with 2nd place behind NOVA.

The group also walked away with 40 new best times, 1 sectional cut, and 1 Winter Jr’s cut! High 5 is gearing up for a great summer and I can’t wait to watch the kids achieve their goals at their championship meets. I am one proud coach and it’s great to see so many swimmers who are proud of themselves! Keep it up High 5, big things are coming your way!

Kotaro Bell
This was a big step in the right direction for Kotaro after battling a sickness that saw him out of the pool for a considerable amount of time. It was great to see him get a best time in the 100 Fly and hit right on his best times in his other events. I’m excited for the rest of Summer and to see what a fit and healthy Kotaro can do at his championship meet!

Anderson Bennet
JAG was an exceptional meet for Anderson, he walked away with 100% best times! His two standouts were his 200 and 100 Breast, in total, he dropped a combined 7.7 seconds in both events. Anderson is now knocking on the door of 1st futures cuts. With a few more weeks of practice and some fine-tuning, I’m very excited to see what he can do at his championship meet!

Bella Brito
Bella was in fine form in Irvine, she went from strength to strength as the meet went on. She was right on her best times all meet long and walked away with a new best time in the 100 Back. Some of Bella’s biggest swims came in her relay events, especially her anchor leg in the 400 Fr relay to finish the meet. Bella chased down the NOVA swimmer to out-touch her and take gold for her and her Teammates! I’m excited to see what Bella can do at the end of the season!

Fred Brown
JAG was a huge success for Fred, I saw a swimmer who was taking care of himself and doing everything he could to have a successful meet. He walked away with 5 new personal best times and is now very close to his 1st future cut in the 50 Free. Congratulations Fred on a very successful JAG, keep the momentum going in practice, and let’s end the summer with a bang!

Tyler Campbell
Tyler was the energy creator down in Irvine, he brought smiles and laughter to the pool deck and it was contagious with his teammates! Tyler was another swimmer who was right on his best times, and right where he needs to be in the middle of the season. With a few more weeks of practice and some rest his championship meets are going to be very successful!

Isaac Chang
Isaac is really starting to gain some traction in the water, and it’s very exciting to see him drop time. The real excitement though came in his 100 Fly, where he snagged his 1st Sectionals cut! Congratulations Isaac, let’s go and get some more cuts this summer! Keep on working hard in the practice pool, and keep your goals in sight!

Delaney Herr
Delaney is going from strength to strength at the moment, and she is proving to herself that she can swim fast even if she’s tired! With no rest coming into this meet Delaney was right on her best times but also walked away with 3 new best times, most notably in the 100 Free where she cracked the minute barrier for the 1st time! This summer is going to be exciting Delaney, keep up the good work!

Ethan Hott
Ethan had a very successful JAG, he walked away with a new best time in the 100 Back and had some huge Relay swims to help secure valuable points for Beach Cities. The Highlight of the meet was Saturday finals when Ethan was a huge team player and drove down to Irvine from his house to swim the Backstroke leg in the Medley relay. Ethan your teammates and I are very appreciative of your dedication to the team. Many people would’ve opted out but you didn’t so I thank you!

Catalina Kahan
JAG was very successful for Catalina, she walked away with 2 new best times in the 100 Bk and 200 Im. She qualified for finals in 4 of her events, and put up some really big relay swims. Summer is shaping up to be an exciting time for Catalina, she is well on her way to a breakout meet. I’m excited to see her work in the practice pool and then perform at her championship meet!

Peyton Kuo
Another meet is in the books and another impressive performance from Peyton! Peyton walked away with 5 new personal bests, one of them being a Winter Jr’s cut in the 50 Free! Congratulations Peyton, now let’s add some events and strokes to your Winter Jr’s schedule. Summer is in full swing and our championship meets are around the corner, keep your foot on the gas pedal Peyton and keep those goals high!

Mikki Maemura
Mikki had a full slate of events in Irvine, and she was right on her best times for all of them, qualifying for finals 5 times! Mikki, I was very proud of how you carried yourself and your willingness to open up about your races and what work needs to be done in the summer. You are on the right track to have a very successful Long Course season and I’m excited to see what you can do at your championship meet!

Isabel Merica-Jones
Whenever I get to see Isabel race it puts a smile on my face. Isabel has been battling a shoulder injury for some time now and it was nice to see her matching her best times. Isabel, keep your head high, your hard work and determination will pay off and I know your breakout meet is on its way!  Summer Age Groups is going to be a lot of fun, let's go and achieve your goals!

Jack O'Shaughnessy
Jack’s momentum in the pool right now is very impressive, he came to JAG feeling tired and down but left with 3 new best times. His biggest time drop came in the 200 Fly where he dropped a staggering 7.63 seconds! I can't wait to see what Jack can do with a few more weeks of practice and some rest! Keep up the hard work Jack, this summer is shaping up very nicely for you!

Brooke Patel
Brooke was a standout swimmer in Irvine! She walked away with 3 new personal bests, and 3 finals swims, and is now unbelievably close to 1st sectional cut in multiple events! Brooke, I was very proud of your effort and attitude all weekend long and I can not wait to see you perform at your championship meet! Keep up the hard work, keep pushing in practice, and let’s go grab your goals!

Andy Pham
Andy could only join us for Individuals on Sunday, he was also attending an engineering Workshop with Northrop. Fast Swimming isn't the only thing we cultivate at BCS, great forward-thinking minds as well! Andy was able to compete in 2 Individuals on Sunday, and he walked away with a new best time in the 100 Free. Andy, I’m excited for your championship meet because I know you would have swam very well at JAG over the weekend, you have put in a lot of work in the practice pool and it’s time to show it off!

Adriel Sun
Adriel also had an impressive JAG, he walked away with 3 new best times and has a plan in place for the next few weeks leading up to Summer Age Groups. I’m excited to get back to work with Adriel and watch him put in some hard work, Summer Age groups are going to be on for the record books, and Adriel is well on his way to achieving his goals for the summer! Keep up the hard work Adriel!

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