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Pacific Committee Finale Recap (July 29, 2023)

Tim Murphy

Summer Pacific Committee Finale (July 29, 2023)
BCS athletes took the cake at the Summer Pac Comm Finale, outpacing Rose Bowl in the combined team competition, with our young Women in 1st and our young Men in 2nd!

This was also an opportunity for some of our more advanced Pre-Compers to get a taste of competition.  Congratulations to all who participated in the meet at Occidental College.  On to the highlights!

Marlin A
All Marlins swam the 50 Fly 50 Back 50 Breast and 100 I.M. except for 8 and under athletes. We even had a couple of Marlins swim the 200 Free and Medley Relays. 

Rory Arredondo Ratcliff attended his first swim meet and did a great job! He showed he is a strong swimmer and knows how to race! He had great swims in the 50 Back and 50 Breast. Keep up the great effort and enthusiasm and you'll be a great swimmer someday! 

McKenna Danner, we were all excited to see Mckenna attend her first swim meet. She swam in all the individual events that Marlins swam in including being a relay swimmer. Mckenna replaced her sister Brynn on the 200 Free relay. Great job on all of your events! 

Willow Gibson had a great meet and showed everyone she is ready for competitive swimming. She had really strong performances in the 50 Back and 50 Breast. Way to go Willow! 

Marius Goldstein had a strong swim in all of his events at the Finale. His Butterfly looked great keeping a straight arm recovery the whole time. Good luck in Beach 1 you have earned your spot in the competitive groups. 

Makena Kam was one of our younger athletes that swam mostly in 25’s. However, she had a stellar meet. Her 25 Fly was very technical and she dropped 5 seconds for a 21.1. Makena also swam the 50 Back on the 200 Medley relay and was able to keep up with the big kids! 

Hannah King was another one of our strong swimmers who swam in both individuals and both the 200 Free and Medley relay. Hannah has grown a lot during her time in Marlins and is now ready for competitive swimming! 

Tucker Lamm stepped up to expectations and showed us how strong he is. Tucker is one of the best kickers in Marlins and he showed that during the meet as well. He had a lot of great swims and no DQs. Nice Job! 

Mackenzie McElroy was another one of our athletes that shined at the Finale meet. She had a stellar 50 Freestyle on the Free and Medley relays. She also had a strong 100 I.M. being one of our athletes to get a very competitive 1:41.98. Mackenzie was also one of our athletes that grabbed some BB time standards in the 50 Free 50 Breast. Great work Mackenzie, you are ready for competitive swimming. 

Scarlett Menke showed that she has some gusto in her. Her 100 I.M. was very strong going a 1:51 the first time she swam it. She also did a great job on relays swimming a 50 Freestyle on the 200 Medley relay. Great job Scarlet we hope to see you at more swim meets in the future.

Marlin B
Congratulations to all of our Marlin B swimmers who participated in the Pacific Committee Finale Meet, swimming in a sanctioned meet for the first time. Your coaches are so incredibly proud of you! The Marlin B group demonstrated incredible skills at this meet. They remained focused and raced with passion and energy! It was amazing to watch. Our Marlins (alongside swimmers from our competitive groups) did an incredible job warming up, being the first group to get in the water and the first to be out and ready to race. Beach Cities’ Marlins did a fabulous job of representing our club! We received many compliments on how organized and prompt we were. The Southern California Swimming administrative staff was continuously expressive of how impressed they were with our presence at this meet! Great job representing your club, Beach Cities!

Great job to all of our Marlins B swimmers, who did an amazing job racing and posting their first official times:

Aum Patel
Mr. Patel had an incredible meet, swimming the 50 fly, 50 back, 50 breast and the 100 IM. He posted times in all of his events! Aum did a fabulous job racing for the first time! CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR MOVE TO BEACH 1!!!

Madeleine Glassman
Miss Glassman swam 50 fly, 50 back, 100 IM for the first time! Congratulations on posting times in these events! She demonstrated incredible focus. Keep up the great work! Thank you for showing up and representing your team!

Stepan Tyshchuk
Mr. Tyshchuk swam his very first 100 free, 50 free and 100 IM at this meet, posting times in all three events! It is clear that all of your hard work and focus in practice is paying off! Way to go Stepan!

Beach 1
Maddie Braceros (9-10 Girls)
Miss Braceros bagged 100% best times and raced the 100 Free for the first time in a Short Course setting.  Her best finish was 6th place in the 50 Back, a race in which she dropped more than 5 seconds.  Her biggest improvement came in the 50 Breast (-7.54), where she finished 7th.  She was also a member of the victorious 200 Medley Relay and the 3rd place 200 Free Relay.  Outstanding effort, Maddie!

Cataleya Bustamante (9-10 Girls)
Miss Bustamante posted two new best times (50 Free - relay leadoff, 100 IM) and raced three new Short Course events (100 Free, 50 Back, 50 Fly).  Her best finish was 5th in the 50 Fly, with a time of 46.38 and her biggest improvement came in the 50 Free (-11.53)!  She, too, was a member of the 3rd place 200 Free Relay.  A great all-around performance and a great way to end the season, Cataleya!

Angelo Calungcagin (9-10 Boys)
Mr. Calungcagin dropped in two events (100 IM -6.55, 50 Breast -4.59) and raced two Short Course events for the first time (100 Free, 50 Fly).  His best finish was a 5th place finish in both the 50 Breast and 50 Fly and his biggest improvement was in the 50 Breast (-4.59).  Great racing, Angelo!

Max Goldstein (11-12 Boys)
Mr. Goldstein was en fuego, posting new best times in all four of his individual races, with some eye-popping improvement across the board.  He dropped 13.42 in the 100 Free, 14.26 in the 100 IM, 5.71 in the 50 Back and 3.70 in the 50 Breast.  These are huge numbers!  His best finish was 5th place in the 100 IM.  Relay swims were also on point, as he was part of the victorious 200 Medley and 200 Free Relays.  What an effort, Max!

Sohum Kulkarni (9-10 Boys)
Mr. Kulkarni was also on a mission last Saturday at Occidental College, going four for four with best times in every race.  His improvement was MASSIVE: 18.92 second drop in the 100 Free, 19.55 drop in the 100 IM, 12.88 drop in the 50 Back and 5.79 in the 50 Breast.  Whoa!  He won the 50 Breast, placed 2nd in the 100 Free and 3rd in both the 100 IM and 50 Back.  Incredible racing, Sohum!

Anya Saracino (11-12 Girls)
Miss Saracino raced four new Short Course events (100 Free, 100 IM, 50 Back, 50 Breast).  Her best individual finish was 9th in the 50 Breast and she also scored in the 100 IM and 50 Back.  Relay swims were very good, as she did a great job as a member of the 3rd place 200 Medley and 3rd place 200 Free Relays.  She has improved a lot in recent weeks and I’m excited for her to break out next season.  Way to go, Anya!

Beach 2
Alysha Annamalai

Alysha kicked things off with a first-place finish in the 9-10 200 Medley relay. From there, she set personal bests in the 50 Fly (-12.13, 2nd), 50 Breast (-2.40, 3rd), and the 100 IM (-11.13). She got another first place in the 9-10 200 Freestyle relay to finish the meet. What a meet and what a season, Alysha!

Liana Awai

Liana had a great start to the meet as she got first place in the 11-12 200 Medley relay with Tori, Sienna, and Kenya. Individually, she set personal bests in the 100 free (-4.26, 12th) and the 50 back (-0.60, 4th). She earned a 3rd place finish on the ‘B’ 200 Free relay to finish the meet. Great job, Liana!

Luca Boots

Luca helped set the tone for us in the morning session with a strong win in the 11-12 boys 200 Medley relay. He set personal bests in the 50 fly (-6.47, 2nd), 50 back (-6.91, 1st), 50 breast (-2.24, 3rd), and almost broke the 30-second barrier in the 50 free (30.15, -2.46, 1st). He finished the day with a win in the 11-12 200 Free relay. Atta boy, Luca!

Sienna Chen

Sienna returned to competition and kicked off her meet with a 1st place finish in the 11-12 200 Medley relay with Tori, Liana, and Kenya. She swam the 50 fly (-3.65, 4th), 50 Breast (-1.97, 7th), and the 50 free (-1.85, 7th). Teaming up with Amari, Kenya, and Tori, she got another first place in the 11-12 200 Free relay. Way to go, Sienna!

Fiona Cooley

Alongside Alysha, Fiona got a relay win in the 9-10 200 Medley relay. Individually, she had some great swims with big-time drops. She swam the 100 free (-9.37, 4th), 50 back (-3.95, 2nd), 50 breast (-3.73, 2nd), and the 100 IM (-11.71, 3rd). She anchored the first place 9-10 200 Free relay to finish it. Hard work pays off, Fiona!

Sean Everitt

Sean was so excited to race at this meet, which showed in his swims. In a dominating fashion, he won the 11-12 200 Medley and 200 Free relays alongside Max Goldstein, Luca, and Colin. Individually, he had some big-time drops in the 100 free (-7.92, 12th), 50 fly (-3.64, 5th), 50 breast (-3.48, 7th), and the 100 IM (-8.72, 6th). Fantastic swims, Sean! I am so excited to see how you do in the short course!

Colin Ionescu-Macri

A pure racer at heart, Colin had an incredible meet at Occidental. With wins in the 11-12 200 Medley and 200 freestyle relays, he would go on to have great individual swims: 100 free (-3.32, 2nd), 50 fly (-4.72, 1st), 50 back (-3.32, 2nd), and the 50 breast (-6.17, 4th). Great swims, great meet, Colin!

Tori Jyo

Even with the heat and humidity, Tori still went on to show some blazing speed with wins in the 11-12 200 Medley and 200 Freestyle relay. Individually, she had some great swims in the 100 free (-7.93, 5th), 50 Back (-6.71, 2nd), 50 free (-3.47), and the 100 IM (-10.19, 1st). With this type of meet, I am excited for your short course season, Tori!

Bridget Sullivan

Bridget had two great relay swims in the 11-12 200 Medley (3rd) and the 200 Freestyle (3rd). Individually, she had some great time drops and finished in the top 10 or near it. She swam the 100 free (-4.21, 14th), 50 back (-2.28, 10th), 50 breast (-1.49, 11th), and the 100 IM (-2.10, 10th). Great work this season, Bridget!

Amari Tullo

Amari returned to competition after some vacation time and finished her long course season with a bang. She got 3rd place in the 11-12 200 Medley relay and won the 200 freestyle relay. She swam the 100 free (-7.42, 9th), 50 fly (-2.26, 12th), 50 back (-2.94, 8th), and the 100 IM (-9.61, 6th). Amazing, Amari!

Kenya Tullo

Like her sister, Kenya returned to racing for this meet and was on fire. She was on the winning 11-12 200 Medley and 200 Free relays that blew their competitors out of the water. Individually, she raced in the 100 free (-4.98, 8th), 50 fly (-1.54, 13th), 50 back (-3.58, 9th), and the 100 IM (-6.92, 5th). Congratulations on a great season, Kenya!

Beach 3
Hudson Menke

Hudson had another solid meet and got some rehearsal swims for the short course season. He swam the butterfly leg on the 200 Medley relay and beat his flat start time by 5.24 seconds! For his individual events, he swam the 200 free (13th), 100 back (12th), 100 free (26th), and the 200 IM (-0.06, 9th). He was in 5th place in the 200 Free relay to finish the meet. Great meet, great season, Hudson!

Beach 4
Larissa Fernandez
Having not been to a swim meet since May, Larissa’s season finale meet came with some great time drops. In the 200 Free she knocked out 5.7 seconds of improvement, .5 seconds in the 100 back and 6.6 seconds in the 200 IM. A solid finish to long course season

Mykah Gibson
Mykahs attendance at swim meets has been strong and consistent throughout the season having been to meets nearly every 2 weeks the past 3 months. She still managed to shave half a second off her 100 fly time improving on head placement and hip positioning. The other events she swam, the 200 free, 100 back, and 100 breast had nominal improvements. 

Tristan Hickman
Yet again Tristan managed to pull off miraculous improvements throughout her roster of events in great athletic fashion. Her attendance at meets makes her achievements even more impressive as she swam several times in the past couple of months yet managed to drop still 4 seconds in the 200 free, 1 second in the 100 back, 3.7 seconds in the 100 breast, and finally 4.5 seconds in the 100 free. Huge consistent drops for Tristan.

Senior 1
Aidan Alzayat swam so well and was part of two Relay teams. 200 Medley Relay, he helped the group of boys come in 5th place 2:26.36. 200 Yard Freestyle Relay, getting 5th place again 2:02.39.

100 Fly 1:13.11, dropping -6.61, 100 Breaststroke 1:21.64 dropping -3.96, 100 Freestyle 1:03.08 dropping -1.77, 200 IM 2:40.68 dropping -7.24

Axle Greenstein was a true team player, we needed to put him in the 200 Medley 2:26.36 and the 200 Free Relay 2”02.39, last minute, and he helped both relays get 5th place. 
100 Fly 1:16.99, 100 Freestyle 1:03.37 dropping -7.76, getting that awesome B Time, 200 IM 2:49.68 dropping -6.14

Mia Kuwabara swam very well and helped the girls 200 Free relay get 1st place. 2:00.14
100 Fly 1:34.79 dropping -4.51, 100 Back 1:32.22, staying around her best time, 100 Breaststroke 1:32.22 dropping -2.58, 100 Freestyle 1”13.59 dropping -0.26

Dylan Luppo is proving to be a good team player and we are so happy he was also part of the boys 200 Medley Relay 2:26.36 and the 200 Free Relay 2:02.39, helping the boys get 5th place in both. 
100 Backstroke 1:17.27 dropping -5.23, 100 Breaststroke 1:23.83 dropping -1.92, 100 Freestyle 1:07.33 dropping -4.00, 200 IM 2:44.85 dropping -6.05

Ganesa Martinez is back and swimming well. 
200 Freestyle 2:49.54 dropping -10.27, 100 Breaststroke 1:32.94 dropping -6.07, 100 Freestyle 1:17.94 dropping -5.84, 200 IM 3:08.23 dropping -17.59

Emery Miller, congrats on your 1st swim meet with BCS & Senior 1, you did great and now how official times. 
100 Backstroke 1:37.68, 100 Breaststroke 1:44.37, 100 Freestyle 1:22.78

Jack Stimpson is back with BCS and congrats on your 1st swim meet with Senior 1. 
100 Freestyle 1:23.51, 50 Backstroke 46.44 dropping -15.29, 50 Freestyle 38.22 dropping -14.34, 100 IM 1:57.01

Senior 2
Penny Chang
Since her return to the sport of swimming Penny has been unstoppable in her desire to improve and surpass her peers. She dropped 6.6 seconds in her 100 Freestyle, 11.4 seconds in the 100 Fly, and a 1 second drop in the 200 freestyle, though if she had made some few race strategy adjustments was on pace to drop significantly more time. 

Thatcher Olsen
Thatcher made it to the meet to represent Beach Cities in a relay where he and 3 of his teammates dropped 36 seconds altogether in the 200 yard medley relay.

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