Strathcona County Swim Club Mission:

To enable recreational and competitive swimmers to attain their highest desired level of achievement by encouraging physical fitness, self development, and sportsmanship in accordance with the rules and policies of the Swim Alberta Association.


Inspire, educate, and equip for excellence in swimming and life.


  • Balance - We recognize that swimming is one part of life and that team members must strive for equilibrium with other family, school, and community commitments.
  • Passion - We develop a love for the sport of swimming by encouraging fun and enjoyment in practice, competition, and other team activities.
  • Integrity - We expect athletes, coaches, and all team members to demonstrate morality, honesty, and respect for all individuals at all times.
  • Wellbeing - We create a safe, stimulating, and positive environment where facing challenges and perseverance allows for the greatest personal growth.