TSC Team Manager

Congratulations to the 44 swimmers that represented TSC at the 2024 Winter Ontario Youth-Junior Championships. Competition took place February 15-18 at the Markham Pan Am Pool


TOP 10:

13&Under Girls

Esther Sinha: 5th 100 Fly

Sophie Tigert: GOLD 100 Free, GOLD 400 Free, GOLD 800 Free, SILVER 200 Free

Audrey Lo: 8th 100 Free

Daniela Thornley: SILVER 100 Fly, SILVER 200 Fly, 5th 200 IM

14 Year Old Girls

Sophie Schofield: GOLD 50 Free, GOLD 100 Free

15 Year Old Girls

Ava Camps: 7th 100 Breast

Sara Greenberg: 4th 200 Fly

Ava Marcovitz: 10th 100 Fly

Evelyn Platteel: 5th 100 Breast, 7th 200 Breast

16 -18 Year Old Girls

Maya Goel: 6th 200 IM, 7th 50 Free

Teresa Limniatis: GOLD 100 Back, BRONZE 200 Back

Hannah Swinnerton: 4th 100 Free, 7th 200 Free

Sienna Earley: 8th 50 Free

Hana Greenberg: 6th 100 Fly

Beatrice Hudson: 4th 50 Free

13&Under Boys

Yichen Liu: SILVER 200 Free, SILVER 100 Fly, BRONZE 100 Free, 7th 50 Free, 7th 200 IM, 9th 400 Free, 10th 800 Free

Viktor Vukasinovic: GOLD 100 Breast, GOLD 200 Breast, SILVER 400 IM, BRONZE 200 IM, 7th 100 Free, 7th 100 Back

 Eason Du: 5th 100 Breast

Alex Gyarmati: BRONZE 400 Free, 4th 200 Free, 4th 800 Free, 8th 100 Free

Cooper Scott: 7th 400 Free

14 Year Old Boys

William Brinker: 7th 100 Fly

15 Year Old Boys

Carlo Mendoza Ochoa: 4th 100 Fly, 5th 200 Fly

16-18 Boys

Kyler Bellamy: 7th 200 IM

Ivan Pan: 7th 100 Breast


14&Under Girls

Sophie Tigert, Paige Gatten, Esther Sinha, Sophie Schofield: 6th 4x50 Medley

Esther Sinha, Audrey Lo, Daniela Thornley, Sophie Tigert: 4th 4x100 Free

Sophie Tigert, Esther Sinha, Audrey Lo, Sophie Schofield: SILVER 4x50 Free

15&Over Girls

Teresa Limniatis, Isabel Rice, Hannah Swinnerton, Maggie Shackell: GOLD 4x50 Medley

Savannah Vicente, Niusha Bayat, Maya Gandhi, Lyla Lanthier: 10th 4x50 Medley

Maggie Shackell, Maya Goel, Lyla Lanthier, Hannah Swinnerton: GOLD 4x100 Free

Maggie Shackell, Lyla Lanthier, Sienna Earley, Hannah Swinnerton: GOLD 4x50 Free

Beatrice Hudson, Savannah Vicente, Niusha Bayat, Maya Goel: BRONZE 4x50 Free 

Teresa Limniatis, Hana Greenberg, Maggie Shackell, Hannah Swinnerton: GOLD 4x100 Medley

Savannah Vicente, Maya Goel, Lyla Lanthier, Anne-Marie Muggeridge: 6th 4x100 Medley

14&Under Boys

Oliver Sarvari, Eason Du, Alex Gyarmati, Cooper Scott: 7th 4x50 Medley

Viktor Vukasinovic, Yichen Liu, William Brinker, Henry Lu: 9th 4x50 Medley

Yichen Liu, William Brinker, Cooper Scott, Viktor Vukasinovic: 4th 4x100 Free

Yichen Liu, Cooper Scott, Eason Du, Viktor Vukasinovic: 5th 4x50 Free

Henry Liu, Viktor Vukasinovic, Kai Scanlan, Yichen Liu: BRONZE 4x100 Medley

Oliver Sarvari, Eason Du, Cooper Scott, Alex Gyarmati: 10th 4x100 Medley 

15&Over Boys  

Aleks Evans, Ivan Pan, Kyler Bellamy, Ronan Balgopal: BRONZE 4x50 Medley

Aleks Evans, Andrei Dan, James Li, Kyler Bellamy: 7th 4x100 Free

Aleks Evans, Ivan Pan, Kyler Bellamy, Ronan Balgopal: BRONZE 4x50 Free

Carlo Mendoza Ochoa, Ivan Pan, Kyler Bellamy, Ronan Balgopal: BRONZE 4x100 Medley


Best Time Achieved: Kyler Bellamy, Maya Goel, Lyla Lanthier, Teresa Limniatis, Hana Swinnerton

Senior Provincial

100% Best Times: Ronan Balgopal, Viktor Vukasinovic, Aidan Woolham

Best Time Achieved: Sienna Earley, Aleks Evans, Yichen Liu, Carlo Mendoza Ochoa, Ivan Pan, Esther Sinha, Sophie Tigert

Senior Blue

100% Best Times: Evelyn Platteel

Best Time Achieved: Niusha Bayat, Beatrice Hudson, Henry Liu, Ava Marcovitz, Anne-Marie Muggeridge, Sophie Schofield   

Senior White

100% Best Times: Callum Flynn

Junior Provincial

100% Best Times: Quintin Dixon, Eason Du, Alex Gyarmati, Oliver Sarvari, Cooper Scott

Best Time Achieved: William Brinker, Audrey Lo, Daniela Thornley