Welcome to the Academy 2023-2024 Season!

My name is Kirsty, and I am pleased to welcome you to the Academy!

What we're all about: Toronto Swim Club Academy is designed to introduce the fundamental skills of competitive swimming in a fun and engaging environment. The program targets swimmers aged 10 & under and is divided into three levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Progression through the Academy levels is based on meeting certain criteria: age, skill achievement, commitment, and training habits. A high level of attendance is expected of all swimmers to ensure proper skill development. Time spent in each Academy level and selection into the competitive stream varies based on the swimmer’s rate of development.

New Swimmer Tryouts: We have already completed our mid-season tryouts. Our next tryouts will be at the end of June 2024 for our 2024-2025 Season. Please fill in a New Swimmer Tryout Form and we will add you to the email list for future updates.

Please note we are not a learn to swim program. Swimmers must the minimum requirements to tryout below:

  • Swimmers must have completed a minimum of Red Cross level 5 or equivalent.
  • Swimmers must be able to complete 25 metres of freestyle with side breathing and 25 meters of backstroke without stopping.
  • Swimmers aged 9-10 must be able to perform proper breaststroke, dolphin kick, dives, and flip turns.
  • Swimmers must be aged 6-10, and must be 10 years old for the entire season.

Season Dates: September 11, 2023 - June 9, 2024 *with breaks for Statutory Holidays, Winter Break, and March Break.

Academy Program Information *click on link


Bronze (2 X 45min)

  • Bronze Central: Tuesday & Thursday 6-6:45pm Branksome Hall *FULL
  • Bronze West: Tuesday 5:45-6:30pm Harbord C.I., Sunday 9-9:45am UofT
  • Bronze East: Monday & Wednesday 5-5:45pm Riverdale C.I.

Silver (2 X 60min)

  • Silver Central: Tuesday 7-8pm Branksome Hall, Thursday 7-8pm Jarvis C.I.
  • Silver West: Thursday 6-7pm Harbord C.I., Sunday 8:30-9:30am UofT
  • Silver East: Monday & Wednesday 6-7pm Riverdale C.I.

Gold (2 X 60 min, 1 X 90 min)

  • Gold West: Tuesday 4:45-5:45pm & Thursday 7-8pm Harbord C.I., Sunday 7-8:30am UofT
  • Gold East: Monday & Wednesday 7-8pm Riverdale C.I., Sunday 7-8:30am UofT


Questions about the Academy Program? Please contact Academy Director, Kirsty: [email protected]

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