2024 Ontario Winter Festival Championships

TSC Team Manager
Congratulations to the 47 swimmers that represented TSC at the 2024 Ontario Winter Festival Championships. Competition took place February 17-18 at the Etobicoke Olympium. This was our largest number of qualifiers to date!


TOP 8:

10&Under Girls

Zoe McKillop: 8th 100 Fly

Alex Yang: 4th 400 Free, 5th 100 Free

11 Year Old Girls

Romy Levy: SILVER 800 Free, 4th 100 Free, 4th 400 Free, 6th 400 IM, 7th 200 IM

12 Year Old Girls

Siena Franzoi: 5th 400 Free, 5th 800 Free, 7th 200 Back

Elaine Nam: 4th 200 IM, 5th 100 Free, 6th 200 Free

Aurora Wehner: SILVER 200 Breast, SILVER 100 Fly, SILVER 200 IM, BRONZE 100 Breast

10&Under Boys

Kieran Ashat: BRONZE 200 IM, 6th 50 Breast, 6th 100 IM, 8th 100 Breast

12 Year Old Boys

Liam Cameron: 7th 200 Fly, 8th 100 Fly

Nayuta Fujiwara: GOLD 200 Fly, SILVER 800 Free, SILVER 100 Fly, BRONZE 400 IM, 5th 200 IM

Myles McCurdy: 4th 100 Back, 7th 200 Back


10&Under Girls

Raelen Hall, Vivian Zorko, Chloe Huang, Alex Yang: 5th 4x50 Free

Zoe McKillop, Alex Yang, Chloe Huang, Vivian Zorko: SILVER 4x100 Free

Raelen Hall, Vivian Zorko, Zoe McKillop, Alex Yang: 5th 4x50 Medley

Yasmin Gemmell, Vivian Zorko, Zoe McKillop, Alex Yang: BRONZE 4x100 Medley

11-12 Year Old Girls

Elaine Nam, Romy Levy, Siena Franzoi, Penny Gundy: BRONZE 4x50 Free

Aurora Wehner, Addy Brady, Kaitlyn Mildenberger, Tong Zheng: 6th 4x50 Free

Penny Gundy, Siena Franzoi, Aurora Wehner, Elaine Nam: SILVER 4x100 Free

Romy Levy, Addy Brady, Esli Herrington, Kaitlyn Mildenberger: 7th 4x100 Free

Addy Brady, Aurora Wehner, Elaine Nam, Penny Gundy: BRONZE 4x50 Medley

Siena Franzoi, Tong Zheng, Aurora Wehner, Elaine Nam: BRONZE 4x100 Medley

Addy Brady, Esli Herrington, Penny Gundy, Romy Levy: 7th 4x100 Medley

10&Under Boys

Christopher Li, Kieren Ashat, Michael Yue, Adam Khalloqi: 7th 4x50 Free

Adam Khalloqi, Kieran Ashat, Noah Zenlea, Christopher Li: 8th 4x50 Medley

11-12 Year Old Boys

Nayuta Fujiwara, Myles McCurdy, Liam Cameron, Philip Liu: 5th 4x100 Free

Myles McCurdy, Philip Liu, Nayuta Fujiwara, Liam Cameron: 6th 4x50 Medley

Myles McCurdy, Philip Liu, Nayuta Fujiwara, Liam Cameron: 5th 4x100 Medley

Junior Provincial

100% Best Times: Aurora Wehner

Best Time Achieved: Liam Cameron, Siena Franzoi, Nayuta Fujiwara, Romy Levy, Elaine Nam, Tong Zheng    

Junior Blue

Best Time Achieved: Addy Brady, Penny Gundy, Esli Herrington, Ali Leung, Myles McCurdy, Kaitlyn Mildenberger

Youth Festival

100% Best Times: Kieran Ashat

Best Time Achieved: Julian Burke, Quinn Fagerstroem, Chloe Huang, Megan Huang, Christopher Li, Philip Liu, Zoe McKillop, Zoe Nason, Micah Wenger, Alex Yang

Youth Blue

100% Best Times: Ben Camps, Amelia Chau, Izzi Eisen, Michael Yue

Best Times Achieved: Raelen Hall, Rebecca Ji, Mies Kroeker, Charlotte Leung, Liam Quinn, Emma Robson, Vivian Zorko  

Youth White

Best Time Achieved: Maya Da Silva, Yasmin Gemmell, Adam Khalloqi  

Gold Select

100% Best Times: Hannah Bolan, Cristiana Carnevale

Best Times Achieved: Ireland August, Duggan Ling, Emma Sarvari, Orly Sone-Greene, Noah Zenlea