Szilvie Carriere
      Head Coach - Elite
     [email protected]



My name is Szilvie Carriere, Assistant Head Coach of Manta swim club, and this season coaching the Junior Performance group. Originally I am from Hungary, where I was part of the Hungarian National Team and represented my country in several International competitions. I have been coaching swimming at Manta Swim Club for 30 years in many different capacities, the past 12 years as the Assistant Head coach in which I have been responsible for coaching the best 11-14 year old athletes in the club. I helped to develop athletes from Man-Sask; our provincial championship to Canadian Senior National level competition and to Western and Summer Canada Games Teams. I had the pleasure to work with athletes at the highest level and some of Canada’s top coaches. I have been on the coaching staff at several Summer Canada Games, and Western Canada Games.

I enjoy the challenge of finding ways to help young athletes achieve their goals. I believe swimming is a great sport for all ages. It builds a great community and helps with team spirit and sportsmanship as well as individual growth. I believe, Coaching is beyond a worthwhile outlet for making a difference by teaching life lessons. If I can get one swimmer to look back and say, “wow – swimming taught me so much about LIFE and made me who I am today”, my job is fulfilled. Don’t get me wrong – being a champion in the pool is and should always be a goal, but most importantly, it’s about the person we become along the way outside of the pool by challenging ourselves in ways we did not think possible

And last but absolutely not least I want our swimmers to ENJOY the sport of swimming.




     Ian Grunewald 
     Assistant Head Coach - Performance

     [email protected]



Ian has been a fixture in the Manitoba swimming community for close to three decades.  A 3-time Manitoba Coach of the year and 3-time Manitoba Development Coach of the Year, Ian has coached with a number of clubs throughout the Province.  Most recently he was Head Coach of the St James Seals here in Winnipeg coaching the team for 13 years developing numerous Provincial and National finalists.  He has been on three Manitoba teams as a coach including the 2017 Canada Games here in Winnipeg.  He is a Past President of the MB Swim Coaches Association and a former NCCP instructor. 

As a coach, Ian’s focus is “Coaching the swimmers he has, not the swimmers he used to have or might have in the future”.  Ian’s practices are geared to helping each swimmer achieve success in the pool while having fun working hard and gaining a sense of pride in themselves.

Ian was raised and swam competitively in Red Lake Ontario.  He is a High School Teacher at Elmwood High School in Winnipeg teaching English and Social Studies.  He and his partner also own Undefeated Health and Performance, a Crossfit gym here in the city. 



    Adam Naylor
     Academy Coordinator 
     [email protected]




This will be my 7th year of coaching with the Manta Swim Club, and first as an Academy Coordinator. I swam for the Manta Swim Club for 8 years, followed by 3 years of elite triathlon, competing at both national and international levels.

I recently graduated from the Faculty of Arts at the University of Manitoba. My long-term goal is to become a high school educator!

I love sports of all kinds (but swimming the most) and I am NCCP 201 Coach in training. I am excited to be a part of another great season of pride, toughness, and respect.




    Gabe Dela Cruz
      X Swim 
      [email protected]



This will be Gabe’s 4th year coaching with Manta following 12 years of swimming with the St. James Seals and the University of Manitoba. Gabe loves the interaction piece of coaching and you will be hard-pressed to find him not putting a smile on a swimmer's face. 
Gabe is NCCP 101 Certified. Outside of the pool, Gabe is headed back to school in the winter working toward being an optometrist. 
As a coach, Gabe’s number one goal is to make sure every swimmer is having a great time in a productive learning environment. He believes the best way to make the environment is to lead by example and enjoy the practices just as much as the kids in the pool!


    Cam Harbeck
      [email protected]



This will be Cam’s 7th year on the Manta coaching staff following his 12 years in the pool for both Manta and The University of Manitoba.

Cam is NCCP 301 trained and was part of the staff for the 2019 Western Canada games, and 2022 Canada Games. Outside of the pool, he is working towards an education degree at the University of Winnipeg.

Having fun is a core element of how Cam approaches his coaching and time at the pool. He takes lots of pride in seeing his athletes enjoying their time at the pool and with each other. It is his belief that success will always come easier if you enjoy what you are doing, and as a coach, he will make sure the environment around all the practices he works is always inviting, fun, and productive for those involved.




     Emma Richardson 
      Coordinator - Prospects 
      [email protected]


Emma swam competitively for 12 years before making the transition to coach. She has been a coach with the Seals Swim Club for the past 15 years and has worked with all levels of athletes from pre-competitive to senior/performance level. Emma has the most experience coaching athletes aged 10-12 and was the recipient of the 2009/2010 Swim Manitoba Grassroots Coach of the Year for her work with that age group. Emma is beyond excited to join Manta for the 2021/2022 swim season and is looking forward to helping young swimmers reach their goals and continuing to develop her coaching skills.
As a coach, Emma wants to instill a love of swimming in her athletes. She fundamentally believes that sport is not only important for one's physical health but plays a huge role in one's mental and emotional well-being. It is Emma’s goal as a coach to not only develop strong, hard-working swimmers, but to help develop individuals who are confident, respectful, resilient, hard-working, and kind. In addition to her role as a coach, Emma works as a Social Worker for the Province of Manitoba.



     Jasmine Cheung
This will be Jasmine’s 1st on staff following 10 years of swimming with Manta at the provincial and national levels. Jasmine swam varsity for one season at the University of Alaska Fairbanks before coming back home. Jasmine is NCCP 101 certified. 
Jasmine is looking forward to working with both the Prospects and Swim Academy T/Th 11+ class this season where she hopes to share her knowledge and love for the sport with all of her athletes!

      Chandler Zastiko 
      Prospects Elmwood Kildonan Pool 
      [email protected]


This will be Chandler's 4th year on the coaching staff following 10 years of swimming competitively for Manta Swim Club. Chandler is currently an NCCP 101 certified coach.
Chandler is currently in his final year at Red River College with the goal of becoming a Civil Engineer through the college’s Civil Engineering Technology program.
As a coach and a former athlete, Chandler believes that all forms of sport should be performed with a high level of passion, positivity, and fun so that all athletes can train, perform, and succeed as best as they can. As such, he ensures that his swimmers fully enjoy their time in the pool, with their peers, and in a positive environment to maximize productivity and growth in his swimmers during practice.
In addition, he also believes that swimming (and competitive sport in general) not only develop oneself physically, but also develops other aspects such as self-confidence, pride and dedication towards what they do, and a positive state of mind.



     Julia Pedrosa
     Swim Academy
     Pan Am Pool  


Julia is starting her 2nd year coaching with the Manta Swim Academy. Originally from Brasilia, Brazil Julia moved to Canada at 12 and began swimming with Manta until she graduated this year. Julia is NCCP 101 trained and she is working towards becoming a flight attendant in the future.

Julia loved every minute of swimming with Manta and she is looking forward to sharing her passion for the sport with all of her Academy swimmers this season.




     Zoe Wiebe
     Swim Academy
     Pan Am Pool 


Zoe is beginning her 1st year coaching the Manta Swim Academy following 7 years of club swimming where she competed in both provincial and national level competitions with Manta. Zoe is NCCP 101 trained and she is currently enrolled in her first year at the University of Manitoba in the Faculty of Arts.
Zoe is super excited to have the chance to work with the next generation of young swimmers and pass along all the club values and skills that made her enjoy the sport for so many years!

     Diego Barcena-Martinez
     Swim Academy/Prospects +
     Pan Am Pool


This will be Diego’s 1st year coaching the Manta Swim Academy, where he will be helping coach the 11+ Tuesday/Thursday class. Originally from Mexico City, Diego swam competitively for 10 years with both the Northwest Narwals in Thunder Bay, and Manta. Diego is currently pursuing an engineering degree at the University of Manitoba. Diego is NCCP 101 certified.
As a former swimmer, and now coach, Diego is super excited to have a new experience in this sport. He is looking forward to showing all of his swimmers how much fun they can have in the supportive and educational environment this club offers.

     Caitlin Kupina
     Swim Academy
     Boni Vital/ Elmwood Kildonan Pool


This will be Caitlin’s 1st year on staff and coaching with the Manta Swim Academy. Caitlin swam competitively for 9 seasons with Manta before choosing to coach this season!
Caitlin is NCCP 101 trained and is currently in her last year of high school at College Pierre-Elliot Trudeau. She is hoping to pursue either engineering or sciences at university next year!
Caitlin is looking forward to this new experience as a coach, and she hopes to share all the great skills and team atmosphere she grew up in with all of her swimmers.


      Leah Werhle
      Swim Academy
      Elmwood Kildonan Pool
This will be Leah’s first year on the coaching staff with the Manta Swim Academy. Leah swam with Manta for 5 years and with her enjoyment for swimming had the desire to start coaching this season.
Leah is NCCP 101 trained and is interested in pursuing teaching and physical education after high school.
Leah wishes to spark a love for swimming in the young swimmers and to help them learn new skills in an interactive and fun way!