Manta Swim Club Appoints Szilvie Carriere as the New Head Coach for the 2023-2024 Season

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Manta Swim Club Appoints Szilvie Carriere as New Head Coach for the 2023/24 Swim Season

[Wpg,MB] – Manta Swim Club is thrilled to announce the appointment of Szilvie Carriere as the new Head Coach for the upcoming 2023/24 swim season. With an impressive coaching background and an unwavering commitment to athlete development, Szilvie is poised to lead the club to new heights.

Hailing from Hungary, Szilvie Carriere has an extensive history in the world of swimming. Having once been a part of the Hungarian National Team and a prominent contender in various international competitions, her deep-rooted understanding of the sport and unparalleled experience set her apart as a remarkable leader for Manta Swim Club.

Szilvie's association with Manta Swim Club spans an impressive three decades, during which she has served in numerous pivotal roles. For the past 12 years, she has excelled as the Assistant Head Coach, taking charge of nurturing the talents of the best 11-14-year-old athletes within the club. Her coaching prowess has played an integral role in propelling athletes from provincial championships to Canadian Senior National competitions, as well as Western and Summer Canada Games Teams.

A seasoned mentor, Szilvie Carriere has had the privilege of collaborating with some of Canada's top coaches and contributing to the coaching staff of several Summer Canada Games and Western Canada Games. Her passion for helping young athletes attain their goals is evident, underpinned by her belief in swimming as a transformative sport that builds community, enhances team spirit, and fosters individual growth.

In her own words, "Coaching is beyond a worthwhile outlet for making a difference by teaching life lessons. If I can get one swimmer to look back and say, 'wow – swimming taught me so much about LIFE and made me who I am today,' my job is fulfilled." While her focus remains on nurturing champions within the pool, she places equal importance on the journey outside the pool, where personal growth is cultivated through challenges that surpass perceived limits.

One of Szilvie's core values lies in ensuring that every swimmer enjoys the sport of swimming. Her dedication to creating a positive and enjoyable experience for athletes aligns perfectly with Manta Swim Club's mission to foster a love for swimming that lasts a lifetime.

As Szilvie Carriere takes on the mantle of Head Coach at Manta Swim Club for the 2023/24 swim season, the club eagerly anticipates a new era of excellence under her leadership. Her expertise, passion, and commitment to both athletic achievement and personal development make her an invaluable addition to the Manta family.

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