Manta Swim Club Welcomes Ian Grunewald as Assistant Head Coach for the 2023-24 Swim Season

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Manta Swim Club Welcomes Ian Grunewald as Assistant Head Coach for the 2023-24 Swim Season

Winnipeg  – Manta Swim Club is thrilled to announce the appointment of Ian Grunewald as the Assistant Head Coach for the upcoming 2023-24 swim season. With an impressive coaching background spanning more than three decades, Ian brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and a proven track record of success to the Manta Swim Club.

Ian Grunewald is a renowned figure in the Manitoba swimming community, having left an indelible mark on both athletes and fellow coaches alike. His dedication and commitment to the sport have earned him recognition as a three-time Manitoba Coach of the Year and three-time Manitoba Development Coach of the Year. He brings a wealth of expertise and a unique coaching philosophy that aligns seamlessly with Manta's commitment to “Pride Toughness and Respect.”

Throughout his career, Ian's influence has permeated through various clubs across the province. His thirteen-year tenure as Head Coach for the St. James Seals in Winnipeg stands as a testament to his coaching prowess, sculpting numerous Provincial and National finalists under his guidance. He played a pivotal role in the 2017 Canada Games hosted in Winnipeg and has demonstrated his leadership by serving as the Past President of the MB Swim Coaches Association and as a former NCCP instructor, contributing to the advancement of the coaching profession.

Ian's coaching philosophy centers around the principle of coaching the swimmers he has, tailoring his approach to empower each athlete to achieve their personal best in the water. His meticulously crafted practices harmonize hard work, enjoyment, and self-pride, fostering an environment where success becomes a shared journey.

Commenting on the appointment, Manta Swim Club's Head Coach, Szilvie Carriere, expressed her excitement about working alongside Ian Grunewald. "We are delighted that Ian will continue with our coaching team in this new and more expansive role. His extensive experience, dedication, and commitment to nurturing the potential of young swimmers align perfectly with Manta Swim Club's values. Together, we look forward to building upon Manta's legacy of success and excellence."

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