David Loyola
Head Coach - T2T7
Email:  [email protected]
My Philosophy: I believe in "Developing Excellence” as a swimmer, as an athlete, as a student, and as a person.  While there are common themes to any great program, our swimmers need to understand that there are no shortcuts.  Proper training takes planning, time, and commitment.  The average age of Olympian swimmers winning medals is now in the mid to late twenties.  We have time to properly develop our champions.

I believe in the teaching of fundamentals in all four strokes.  With this focus on developing a skill-diverse swimmer, it will help the swimmers continue to succeed as they mature and grow within our sport.  Longevity and the process of learning the sport is my key focus.  Developing swimmers who are students of our sport.

 Specializing and training at an early age will lead to early success.  I’ve learned that there is a cost for this early focus on success.  It will lead to an increase in training injuries and also to early retirement from our sport.  The Alberta records are littered with provincial record holders who never made it past the age of 14-16 in our sport.  We have time.  I want kids moving through our program that are ready to handle the demands of each level.  Not ones that have been pounded into the ground and have very little left in their career.

I try to teach, train, and motivate the swimmers to achieve their full potential and to have them understand how this path will help them in all aspects of their lives.

I want swimmers to dream the big dream, but I also want them to understand that the process of chasing the dream is as beneficial, if not more than achieving the dream itself.

Am I a sprint coach? Am I a distance coach?  I have had success in coaching all strokes and distances.  I think my job is a talent developer.  I love teaching swimmers in year one how to start their love with our sport and I love teaching swimmers striving to represent Canada on the international scene.

My hope is that our program develops people and develops athletes.

Dream It! Train It! Live it!

Alexx Diep
Asst Head Coach - Performance
Email:  [email protected]

Fifteen years! I am starting my 15th season with NCSA, I don't care what everyone think; I'm definitely ending the season with a cake to celebrate this! I've seen NCSA change many times over

Fifteen years! I am starting my 15th season with NCSA, I don't care what everyone think: I am getting myself a cake to celebrate this at the end of the season! I've seen the club change many times over to adapt to the members, and to keep up with the society trend and demands. We've done well. We honored our members first as individuals and secondly as swimming members, this is what I likethe most about our way of operating the club. 

Over the years my coaching journey had taken me to learn about the training principles, applying them and adjusting them to fit the swimmers' profile. I am always eager to learn, I always enjoy exploring new concepts and I like to wander outside of the box. My training includes an undergrad degree in kinesiology, the Advanced Coaching Diploma, and the NCCP Senior Coach (level 3) certification. I am in the process of getting my certification conpleted as a Swimming 101 course facilitator. Over the last several years, I have seen my coaching evolves towards mentoring more than coaching - I find the people I work with have a better sense or engagement and empowerment when I mentor them and provide support for their cognitive journey towards finding their path to success.

​My coaching values are integrity, respect, honesty, open mindness, and empathy. I fall on those values to guide me towards good decision-making, one that is inclusive of the person in front of me with all their differences and challenges.

On the personal side - last year I reacquainted with my long time sport of choice, badminton. I entered the Canadian Masters and was impressed with myself for rallying all the way to the semi-final in mixted doubles before taking the "walk of shame" off the court. It was very fun to be in a competition setting as an athlete, I missed competing! This year, I am branching out to coaching the Water Ninjas in Cochrane. This is a lifesaving sport club, I am excited to see how I will add value to the club with my experience in competitive swimming. I am also the father to two kids who will be turning 8 and 12 by December.


Zac McLeod
Airdrie T2T5 & Calgary Development
Email: [email protected]

It is an honor and privilege to serve as the competitive coach for this group of young athletes. I come to this role with an extensive background in competitive swimming, having competed at the national level and spent over a decade coaching swimmers of all ages and abilities. 


I am also excited to be returning to my home pool. The swim season represents an exciting journey filled with dedication, hard work, and endless opportunities for personal growth both in and out of the water. It is my mission to cultivate an environment that fosters discipline, sportsmanship, and a genuine love for the sport. 

Together, we will not only strive for individual improvement but also create a unified team that supports each other, celebrates accomplishments, and conquers challenges with determination. It is my sincerest desire to create a positive, challenging, and rewarding experience for each and every one of them.

Chad Thompson
Calgary T2T5 & Airdrie Development
Email: [email protected]

I've been involved with swimming since the age of 4 and have been fortunate enough to swim competitively at some of the highest levels in the sport. As a swimmer, I quickly realized that passion and technique were critical to success in the pool, and as a coach, my goal is to impart that same excitement, passion and detail to my swimmers.

I am passionate about everything swimming, and being able to share that passion through coaching is one of the most rewarding things I’ve done. Using my experience as a swimmer, my education as a teacher and coach, and my passion for the sport to excite, encourage and empower swimmers to love the sport of swimming is an incredible privilege.  

I love quotes, and one of my favourites is from 1984 USA Olympic and University of Tennessee head swim coach Ray Bussard: “Practice makes permanent, but only perfect practice makes perfect.” 

Have fun, work hard and swim well.


Adam Sparkes
Calgary Development & L2T4
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This will be my second season coaching with NCSA. I am a NCCP Level 1 certified coach, Swim and LifeSaving Instructor and National Lifeguard. Swimming has always been a big part of my life. I grew up in the pool as a competitive swimmer and my eldest daughter, Abby, swam with NCSA for many years.

Abby's experience with NCSA shapes my approach to coaching. She developed many skills and traits through competitive swimming, such as time management, resilience and consideration for others. And, while she worked hard and even grumbled from time to time, she never lost her love of swimming.  Each swimmer will have their own unique journey, but I will try my best to give your swimmer the opportunity to have as great an experience with NCSA as my daughter enjoyed. 

I was also a swim parent and remember well the joy that role brought to my wife and I (excluding the early mornings at the pool). I will be mindful of the needs of parents/guardians, especially when it comes to communications.

Last year was great and I have every confidence we will have a blast again this year.  

Linda Bruce
Airdrie L2T4 & Development
Email:  [email protected]

I love being active and swimming has always been an active part of my life for as long as I remember. I grew up in Dartmouth, NS where there are lifeguarded lakes in almost every neighbourhood. There was a small, lifeguarded beach at the end of my street.

I started competitive swimming after a failed attempt at synchronized swimming. I swam competitively with a small club on a military base. I had the opportunity to travel around Atlantic Canada and into Ontario for meets.  It was truly a great time in my life.

Many years passed before I found my way back to competitive swimming. I started as a Swim Parent and all that entailed. I sat on the Board as President and past-President for 3 years. During that time, I started Masters swimming with NCSA.

It was through a casual conversation that I realized that coaching was the next logical step. With many courses under my belt, I am so privileged to be coaching for NCSA. I consider coaching to be the most rewarding career I have had.

Volodymyr Zahurski

Calgary L2T4 & Airdrie Development 2nd


I am thrilled to embark on this journey with you as a coach in my first year. I am here not just to guide you through the world of sports but to share the invaluable lessons I've learned through years of dedication and hard work in my own athletic journey.

As a former professional swimmer and now your coach, I understand the transformative power of hard work. I have experienced the early mornings, the grueling practices, and the moments of doubt that eventually led to moments of triumph. This journey has shaped me, not only as an athlete but as an individual who believes in the extraordinary potential that lies within each one of us.

Robin Loyola
Team Manager/Mentor Coach
Email:  [email protected]