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David Loyola Head Coach - T7 Calgary

My Philosophy: I believe in "Developing Excellence” as a swimmer, as an athlete, as a student, and as a person.  While there are common themes to any great program, our swimmers need to understand that there are no shortcuts.  Proper training takes planning, time, and commitment.  The average age of Olympian swimmers winning medals is now in the mid to late twenties.  We have time to properly develop our champions.

I believe in the teaching of fundamentals in all four strokes.  With this focus on developing a skill-diverse swimmer, it will help the swimmers continue to succeed as they mature and grow within our sport.  Longevity and the process of learning the sport are my key focus.  Developing swimmers who are students of our sport.

Specializing and training at an early age will lead to early success.  I’ve learned that there is a cost for this early focus on success.  It will lead to an increase in training injuries and also to early retirement from our sport.  The Alberta records are littered with provincial record holders who never made it past the age of 14-16 in our sport.  We have time.  I want kids moving through our program that are ready to handle the demands of each level.  Not ones that have been pounded into the ground and have very little left in their career.

I try to teach, train, and motivate the swimmers to achieve their full potential and to have them understand how this path will help them in all aspects of their lives.

I want swimmers to dream the big dream, but I also want them to understand that the process of chasing the dream is as beneficial, if not more than achieving the dream itself.

Am I a sprint coach? Am I a distance coach?  I have had success in coaching all strokes and distances.  I think my job is a talent developer.  I love teaching swimmers in year one how to start their love with our sport and I love teaching swimmers striving to represent Canada on the international scene.


Our program develops people and develops athletes.

Dream It! Train It! Live it!

Alexx Diep Ast Head Coach - Performance

I am proudly embarking on my 15th season with NCSA, a milestone I plan to celebrate with a cake at season's end. My journey with the club has been enriching, witnessing its evolution to meet societal trends and member needs. We've always valued our members, first as individuals and then as swimmers, a philosophy that I hold dear.

During my tenure, I've delved deeply into various training principles. I've learned to apply and adapt them to suit each swimmer's unique profile. My passion for learning is unending, and I enjoy exploring new concepts, often thinking outside the traditional coaching box. My educational background includes a degree in kinesiology, an Advanced Coaching Diploma, and the NCCP Senior Coach (level 3) certification. I'm currently progressing towards completing my certification as a Swimming 101 course facilitator. Over recent years, my coaching approach has evolved more towards mentoring, focusing on empowering individuals and supporting their cognitive journey towards success.

The core values of my coaching style are integrity, respect, honesty, open-mindedness, and empathy. These values guide my decision-making, ensuring it's inclusive and considerate of each individual's unique challenges and differences.

On a personal note, last year marked my return to my favorite sport, badminton. Participating in the Canadian Masters, I was thrilled to advance to the semi-finals in mixed doubles, a reminder of the joys of athletic competition. This year brings a new challenge as I begin coaching the Water Ninjas, a lifesaving sport club in Cochrane. I'm excited to leverage my experience in competitive swimming to add value to this new role. Additionally, I am a father to two wonderful children, who will be celebrating their 8th and 12th birthdays by December.

Chad Thompson T5 - Calgary & Development - Airdrie
Zac McLeod T5 Airdrie & Development Calgary
Adam Sparkes L4 & Development - Calgary
Linda Bruce L4 & Dev - Airdrie

I swam when I was young for two swim clubs in Nova Scotia.  Very quickly it became clear that breaststroke was my strength.  I left swimming in high school but would find my way back to swimming over the years.

My three boys all swam for NCSS or NCSA. My youngest swam competitively and finished at the end of high school.  While he swam I took the opportunity to get involved with the club in more depth.  I was President of the board for three years and completed one year as Past President.

In 2010 I started swimming again to compete in Triathlon.  In 2013 I started swimming with NCSA Masters to facilitate triathlon training.  In 2017 I decided to compete at Alberta Masters Provincials and medalled in three events.  In 2018 I competed again in Provincials and added Nationals and medalled in both meets.

I love the sport of swimming and I am pleased to bring my passion to your swimmers.

Robin Loyola Team Manager/Mentor Coach

I started coaching because of my love of swimming. I wanted to give back to the sport that has given me so much. My goal as a mentor coach is to ensure that every swimmer gains the fundamentals needed to achieve any future goal they set their mind to. Leave no doors of opportunity closed off. Swimming is a passion of mine that I want to share with every swimmer  and coach that I have the privilege to work with.

Swimming has personally made me stronger, both physically and mentally, more dedicated and determined. It has also given me the confidence that has made me approach everything in life with the determination to succeed.


I truly believe and live by the quote from Augusta F. Kantra " Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most."


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