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(February 26th, 2024)


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Competition Standards

National Standards

Canadian Swimming Trials/Canadian Swimming Championships Jr and Sr

Canadian Swimming Open Standards (LCM and SCM)

Eastern Standards (LCM)


Provincial Standards

Coupe du Quebec Senior, Coupe du Quebec Junior, Championnat Provincial (2023-2024)


Regional Standards

Regional Final Standards (Updated April 28th, 2023)

Coupe des Region Standards (2023-2024)


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Athlete Best Times

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*Please Note: Chasing standards is not part of PCSC's philosophy. We are focused on the optimal development of our athletes and we ask that the discussion be centered around that, not how many or how close an athlete may be to a standard.

Season 2023-2024 Competitions

[COMPLETED] Team Champs Section 1 (October 27-29th, 2023)

[COMPLETED] PCSC Time Trial (October 28th, 2023)

[COMPLETED] Longueuil Invitational (October 28th, 2023)

[COMPLETED] Regional #1 (November 18-19th)

[COMPLETED] Coupe du Quebec Senior (November 23-26th, 2023)

[COMPLETED] PCSC Time Trial (November 24-26th, 2023)

[COMPLETED] Trois-Rivieres Competition (December 2-3rd, 2023)

[COMPLETED] Pointe-Claire Invitational (December 7-10th, 2023)

[COMPLETED] Ontario Junior International (December 14-17th, 2023)

[COMPLETED] Regional #2 (December 16-17th, 2023)

[COMPLETED] Regional #3 (January 21st, 2024)

[COMPLETED] Neptune Invitational (January 26th-28th, 2024)

[COMPLETED] Coupe des Regions (February 2-4th, 2024)

[COMPLETED] Coupe du Quebec Jr./Sr. (February 15-18th, 2024)

[COMPLETED] Regional #4 (February 17-18th, 2023)

[COMPLETED] Regional #5 (March 16-17th, 2024)

[COMPLETED] Speedo Eastern Canadian Championships (March 21-24th, 2024)

 Neptune Competition (April 4-7th, 2024) - CANCELLED

2024 Canadian Swimming Open (April 10-13th, 2024)

Regional #6 (April 13th-14th, 2024)

Sherbrooke Defi 50m (May 3-5th, 2024)

Top Cup (May 10-12th, 2024)

2024 Olympic and Paralympic Trials (May 13-19th, 2024)

Mini Coupe Ouest (May 25-26th, 2024)

Regional Finals (June TBD)

Mel Zajac Invitational (June 21-23rd, 2024)

International SAMAK (June 21-23rd, 2024)

Championnat Quebecois ARENA (June 26-29th, 2024)

Championnat Quebecois Open Water (June 30th, 2024)

2024 Speedo Canadian Swimming Championships (July 24-30th, 2024)